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  1. I just called and those who attended the Jan 19th interview should hear back any day now, by paper mail and not by phone. So possibly this afternoon, Saturday, or sometime early next week.
  2. Question for CURRENT Drexel PA Students! Could anyone help me out a bit with estimating Room & Board expenses? I know that on the Estimated Costs page online it says 'variable', which obviously yes, it will depend on where the student is living, with roommates, etc., but I was wondering if any current students could please tell me what rates they're paying currently? I'm from Michigan and will be beginning the program in Sept. I'm making a budget for myself and I know little about the Philly area (and cost of living as a Drexel PA student) and would find it very helpful if I had a rough estimate for Room & Board. Thank you!
  3. anyone else interviewing on the 19th NOT receive an email about meeting up the day before? reading through this thread, it sounds like those invited for an interview are also invited to meet up the night before the interview. I haven't gotten any notice of this :/
  4. I applied to 26 programs, I've been invited for 13 interviews so far (still haven't heard from 3), and have been accepted at 5 so far (still have one more interview to attend, on the waitlist of another).
  5. Just got an interview invite as well! Submitted CASPA May 23, received secondary on December 17th, interview invite Jan 8 for Jan 19. Very exciting!
  6. Received my invite to complete a secondary December 17th and mailed it yesterday. Submitted my CASPA app on May 23rd. Seems extremely late to still be sending these out, seeing as they began sending out those invites in early August, that they've been doing interviews, and that many have already been accepted. From the forum there are maybe 10 spots left? I guess I'll wait and see!
  7. Just got the email that I've been accepted off the waitlist! I interviewed on September 3rd and found out I was on the "alternate" list on Sept 11th. I've already accepted a seat elsewhere and will be declining, so that will free up a spot for someone else. Good luck everyone!
  8. NovemberRain, Nova Southeastern Ft Myers campus, Drexel University, AT Still University, and Philadelphia University. Hoping for great news for you soon from another program!
  9. I emailed today and asked for an update and more info about how the rest of the cycle will go. A few hours later received my "Not Offered Interview" email. That's okay! I've committed somewhere else. Good luck to everyone that's still waiting to hear!
  10. Got my call from Janet and was accepted a few days ago! I am so unbelievably grateful for this opportunity and will be attending. Congrats to everyone else who has been accepted and good luck to everyone else who is still going through the interview process!
  11. Just received my acceptance call! I am beyond grateful for the opportunity and will be committing/attending here. I interviewed on 10/21. Can't wait to meet all of my fellow classmates!
  12. Just got my acceptance email this afternoon! Interviewed on 10/12. Hoping the absolute best for everyone.
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