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  1. I submitted my application back in sep. any chance that they will contact me regarding an interview? It seems like the sooner you apply, the sooner you get an interview invite.
  2. has anyone heard anything from the campus in vallejo?
  3. Hi, I really appreciate what youre doing. Hopefully you'll have the time to read mine. I already submitted it, but I just wanted to hear from a third party since one of the schools I applied to didnt even look at my personal statement because I didnt fulfill one of their requisites. Im still waiting on three other schools. “This is a 35 year old male who just got hit by a bus!” It was my second day as a volunteer uncertain of the halls and blind to what I got myself into. Unease with each step, a bell rang three times. Immediately five nurses rushed to the nearest gurney by the paramed
  4. So I finally received an email letting me know that my application is complete and now its up to the programs to contact me if they need any other documents, but my over all non-science gpa is just below a 3.0 (2.97). My post bacc gpa on the other hand makes the cut, and thats with plenty of clinical hours. Should I feel worried? I am really unsure how this is going to turn out.
  5. At the moment I work in the ER thats serves approximately 2 million people in a undeserved area. Within the past 10 years, the hospital was the only one operational within a 5 mile radius until they finally re-opened a trauma center. Now that they are building a foot ball stadium, do you think they will make our ER (which is only BLS) into a trauma center as well? And will the role of the PA change from treating patients that arent acute life threatening to helping the MDs with such emergencies?
  6. So this entire summer I have been really hesitate to submit my application only because I know that my statement is going to have a huge impact. I have written two different statements. The first one, as you will read, has more time put into it and finished. The second statement isnt finished but it does have a different approach. I need a different set of eyes and someone who has experience to help me out. So before I post the statements, I want to say thank you for who ever takes the time to read them. Your input will be highly considered. #1 I once read that “the greatest gift you
  7. Thank you for the reassurance. I didnt expect to feel anxious now that I am applying. I guess my fate really does depend on the essay i write.
  8. It has been a little more than 2 years since Ive made the decision to become a PA. Ive been to numerous information nights where almost every program here in SoCal tells everyone that they are looking for someone who is well rounded and doesnt necessarily need to have a perfect GPA. Now that Im ready for the next step to apply, my GPA isnt the best. I have a 3.1 (still need to take one more science class), but I have more the enough working experience as an ER tech (over 3000 hrs), a second job working for a real estate agent, volunteered over 500 hrs, over 25 hrs shadowing, and tutored anatom
  9. Other than my GRE, should I be worried about my GPA?
  10. Its been 2 years since I made the decision to take another route after I graduated from college in something completely different. Im ready to apply;although, I am a little nervous because my GPA is around 3.3-3.4 in my science courses, but I have 2000+ work related experience (and still working), 1000+ volunteer hours (both hospital/non-hospital related), volunteer as a TA for anatomy, and I have a second job. I still havent done my GRE. So my concern is whether or not I have a chance to even getting an interview. Anyone that sees this, please give me your feed back. I am very nervous and hav
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