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  1. Hello! I am a pre-PA student who is trying to find PA shadowing opportunities in the northern Virginia/DC metro area. It is very hard to find a PA that allows shadowing in this area. I would much appreciate if someone directed me towards a facility or PA that allows student shadowing. Even an opportunity to sit down and speak with a PA-C would be amazing. Thank you! -Aishah
  2. I am having trouble finding PA's wiling to allow pre-PA students to shadow them. If anyone knows or has shadowed a PA in the northern Virginia or the DC metro area please let me know!
  3. I'm a pre-pa student who has always been interested in working in pediatrics. I used to dream of being a pediatrician growing up but once I started researching and comparing med school and PA school, I realized PA school this is definitely the route I want to go down. But, whenever I research stuff about pediatric pa's I don't seem to find too much information about them. I see more stuff about surgical PA's and stuff like that. Is anyone else also interested in being a PA and working in pediatrics?
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