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  1. Hello everyone! Haven't been on here in a while... I'm hoping those of you with your DEA license can give me some guidance please, esp. if in primary care, and better yet if you are in Florida. I took the updated course, as my employer has now agreed to reimburse for the license application. There were some points in the course (taken through FMA) that I didn't know if I entirely understand, regarding supervising physician. --> Are we supposed to have a supervising physician name printed on every controlled substance Rx? It sounded like that from the course, but I'm not sure if
  2. No problem. Feel free to PM me anytime and I would be glad to try to answer any questions you may have.
  3. We need to be kinder and less judgemental of those who are interested in this profession. For multiple reasons. Our profession needs to be built up. We should not discourage those who have interest in it. There is power in numbers in a profession. One big difference between our profession and nurse partitioners is that they have that power in large numbers. Besides this, what good does it do to scoff when someone expresses an interest in our profession? You're just going to run off possibly very good candidates to build our profession. Besides this, it's just not nice (and makes us all look ba
  4. Was just a question. Were not dangerous or controlled meds. I am talking about antibiotics. Yes maintained records (Fyi a text message or email stating all allergies and med history etc does count as written documentation). Yes discussed with supervising doc who firmly trusted my medical decision making. I was simply unsure if right now between last day in FP and upcoming start date in specialty if it was allowed. Apparently that was a 'stupid' question in your opinions. Thanks for making that clear guys. I'd hate to see how judgemental the respondents can be when a patient asks a question yo
  5. Thanks a lot for the quick and very helpful responses. I will hear the rep out later this week but unless there is significant new information that is in favor of me doing this I will pass. Thanks again! :)
  6. certified diabetic educator (CDE) certification - lucrative or not? My manager approached me today to excitedly inform me that she suggested me when a diabetes rep came in and mentioned her company will provide free CDE training for a provider in our office. I do really like endocrinology but don't want to work in Endo due to the lower salaries (kind of burnt out right now on long hours and low compensation as it is in family med). I'm trying to read between the lines and see if this is something that would actually benefit me or only benefit the hospital and my workplace. I have a very busy
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