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  1. I don't think that means you're wait listed or rejected I was under the impression that a very slim amount of people are offered acceptance immediately after interview and everyone else sort of goes into a maybe pool until December. As previously stated they still have 2 interview sessions coming so they are probably trying to leave seats open for them as well
  2. I wasn't posting in regards to post interview information. I was asking about more interview invitations considering there's still two more interview dates left if I'm not mistaken. But thanks it's good to know they are meeting teusday for those of us still waiting !
  3. Mine is under review as well and I haven't heard anything. But rejections have been sent out so I'm assuming no news is good news
  4. I went to an information session and the dates were disclosed there, they are also found on the previously mentioned thread, and if I'm not mistaken the dates are also listed on the website.
  5. I anticipate hearing something soon because interviews are supposed to be sept 9th
  6. 9000 hours of HCE as an LVN and CNA. 100 volunteer hours . Letter from PA . MD. And nursing school instructor. 3.3 gpa I think ? For science 3.6 cumulative . Deans list every semester. Who's who award. 100 shadowing hours. Texas resident 2 associate degrees in addition to my bachelors .
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