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  1. Would someone be able to put up a link or give information to articles regarding ambien dangers? I face this issue on a constant basis with both the patients and staff. Thank you.
  2. This question seems to be rarely asked or not explained clearly. On the PANCE score reports what does the column "your decile" number represent? What is the range the numbers can go up to? Also, how to utilize this info? Thank you!
  3. Thank you for posting! I would be interested in hearing what other people's score were before they passed PANCE/PANRE? Also, which questions most resembled the format of the PANCE? I have been getting higher scores on Kaplan then PaEasy and Pancemaster which really confuses me. Thanks!
  4. Anyone have the CME4Life Flashcards or DVDs for sale? I also would be interested in opinions on the CME4Life products? Thanks.
  5. I am curious did you find the flashcards worth it? I am debating buying, but expensive.
  6. How old is too old for a packrat to be of value for studying? I have packrat 13, 14, and 15 not sure what years that correlates with. I am trying to figure out if the answers will still be current enough for the PANCE? I appreciate any feedback. Thanks.
  7. If anyone is interested in a study partner near Long Island New York please message me. Thanks!
  8. Has anyone used this program? I have heard great things about his live review, but can't find much information on this new online version "PA Board Review/Joe Gilboy" except from the site itself. It doesn't really explain if is audio or video and if you actually participate live online during a review or just view old board review videos? I really wanted to do his review in person, but don't think I can afford the flight and hotel rates out in California. Any info is appreciated!
  9. Please weigh in on the value of buzzwords in PANCE studying? Also, how far in advance do you start memorizing the lists and not just studying? Thanks!
  10. Has anyone used Dr. Najeeb Lectures to study?
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