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  1. It really depends on what type of cardiology you choose. There’s strictly outpatient which would provide a fine work balance, there a mix of cath lab and outpatient which provides a decent balance (and varying degree of call) and there’s the surgical aspect which may be elicit more call and less desireable hours. Don’t forget there’s pediatric and adult cardiology as well as transplant programs.
  2. Ross, but then you potentially have 2 valve disease. A Peds cardiac surgeon (they also does adults) would have working knowledge of this procedure. You can also do a double Ross depending on severity of the AI, and the neo-pulmonary valve can easily be addressed with percitaneous valves... until you run out of functional internal diameter. The On-X mechanical valve has a lower INR recommendation in the mitral position and this has also been used in the aortic position, using an INR of 2-3 after the first 3-6months (not a to. Of data to support this in aortic position). While tissue valves are great, it’s is guaranteed to wear out, and not every institution is doing TAVR on you patients hat are still good surgical candidates.
  3. Pulmonary angiography can be both diagnostic and therapeutic. Catheter directed tPA is an option as well as various catheters used to retrieve clot.
  4. Ditto. Most of my classmates all had job offers by the time graduation rolled around.
  5. I can read my own pediatric cardiology echo's however billing is based on final or over-reads done by my SP.
  6. I worked in corrections for 5 1/2 years and I really enjoyed it. Consistent, firm and fair helped keep the patient population entitlement at bay.
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