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  1. I also got an invite today! I'll also be attending the PM session on 11/2. Hope to see you there!
  2. I haven't completed the online admissions course yet, but I'm also in the same boat as you as I haven't received a call to schedule an interview yet. I'm planning to complete the course tonight or tomorrow so hopefully they'll call to schedule. Anyone else having this experience?
  3. I also received my interview invite and selected October 17th for my date. The only downside for later interviews I see is that as time progresses, seats will be filled but they wouldn't be holding interviews if they didn't have seats to offer. Did you end up going with October 17th? Anyone in here interviewing on the 17th?
  4. Looked into Doane but price is similar to UNE. Still trying to look for cheaper options but if that not possible I might go with Doane.
  5. Thanks for the update! Does anyone know if everyone receives this email? Can't help but feel a little anxious...
  6. Has everybody received an email regarding the CASPer test? I only received one email regarding my application status stating that it was going to be under review (on May 13th). Thanks, and good luck to everyone!
  7. UNE is a little pricey, I'm trying to find something a little less costly.
  8. Hey guys, I've been googling but have not been very successful in finding where I can take a biochemistry course online (I and II). I am aware of UNE's biochemistry course, but am trying to avoid UNE if possible. Can anyone recommend preferably a community college, since it tends to be cheaper (in California, but other states as well) where I can take biochemistry 100% online? I am currently working full time, trying to study for the GRE, and trying to finish up prereqs which is why I prefer it to be online. I've tried searching the cvc (online community college consortium in california) but due to their updated system, I'm no longer able to find individual courses, only "transferrable" credits which makes the search really limited unlike what it used to be. Thank you all for your help in advance!
  9. Hi all, I'm looking to shadow a PA somewhere in northern California if possible. I'm currently an undergrad and would like to have more insight and shadow a PA if possible to see how they operate and work day to day. So far I've had a really hard time finding a place. I've called many clinics, but the area I live in doesn't have many clinics that I know of and internet searches aren't really helpful because they don't have a list of employees. And a lot of my "cold calls" are turning up empty. Not sure if places are afraid of the liability/HIPPA? I'm currently going to school in Stockton at UOP but will be back home in San Jose/Bay Area for the summer. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks guys! Rachelle Like This Quote MultiQuote
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