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  1. Hey sorry for the late reply. so I got a NEW job since then. Base is 105 but I get production . So either 23 percent of collections or 105. I can bring home total after taxes 6700 a month but with covid I was just paid my base. I see 30 patients a day. I mean we have four providers here a day so I’m competing a bit
  2. How much is pay for you if i may ask ? Ive been in derm 1 year in california and make 115k, but i see like 16-20 patients a day mostly ppo. and i do cosmetics but mainly botox.
  3. Hi All, Does this mean that interview spots are all taken? Any thoughts?
  4. Typically the cut off was 3.2, but I was told by Mrs. Lopez on a day Jeanene was on vacation that 3.28 was the cut off last year because the competition increased! So, I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. I wish you all the same!
  5. 3.28 was the cut off for interviews. 3.2 may be the cut off for applicants.
  6. I received my invite today as well.! "Straight outta" San Diego. Cant' wait to see you all there.
  7. From Amanda . I was like wow that's fast! She said if spots for interview open up, so those cancel, then there's a shot. It's a waiting game at this point
  8. I was told that all interview slots were filled up.
  9. Hi, Any news for invites yet? Last cycle it appeared that they sent invites mid- August
  10. Last years cut off was at 3.28 which is very high. 3.2 on average is the cut off. It may get higher as the years go on and students become more competitive for this profession.
  11. Trying to keep this forum alive for anyone who is applying this cycle! =) good luck to all applicants!
  12. I put summer 2016. Hoping that does not become an issue =\
  13. @typostudent Was this through email or did you call them?
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