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  1. For those who have gotten interview invites, are y'all in-state or out? I'm in Texas. Congrats to those who have gotten invites so far! :)
  2. I only had a request for updated transcripts. Haven't heard anything else!
  3. I didn't receive a rejection letter yesterday, but also haven't gotten an interview invitation either. Not sure what to think of that but still staying hopeful! UTMB was my first choice school! :)
  4. Does anyone know if they usually take any OOS applicants? Applied to 5 schools in Texas, but they are almost all done interviewing or class seats are full. Thanks!
  5. Found it! Thanks so much! Is graduate GPA calculated separately from undergraduate GPA? Sorry for all the questions, this is my first time applying! :)
  6. Thanks so much! I spent a good portion of time on the FAQs, and could not find any information on this. I listed them as post-bacc, just want to minimize the chance that I have errors when they evaluate my transcript! :)
  7. I went back to school this last school year to take some pre-reqs I needed to apply for PA school. I already have both a bachelor's and master's degree. My question is how to enter the pre-req courses. Should I list them as post-bacc, or as senior grade level?
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