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  1. Hello, I am seeking advice for a friend who unfortunately has waited until her last elligible year (year 6) and month (Dec) it seems to take her 1st PANRE. She seems to be under the impression that if she does not pass on this one attempt, she will have to return to PA school...therefore losing current position in an ICU since shell no longer have the -C. ( I don't believe our state of residence allows PAs to work without it). When researching the NCCPA and even this board I don't see any information about what would happen in a situation like this. I don't doubt that shell pass
  2. The issue with waiting to come back from vacation is, I have to request off vacation days 3 weeks in advance. I am looking to give notice sooner than later. I want to be gone by December
  3. Hi fellow PAs, I need some advice. I am planning to leave my job. I have to give 8 weeks notice. I have about 11 days of PTO which I will not be getting a pay out for (private practice in NY and stated in my contract, no way around it) My question is do I request my days off and once I get them approved, hit them with my resignation? or Just work my 8 weeks and lose my time off :-( in effort to leave on a good note and not burn a bridge? Anyone with experience with this?
  4. What field of medicine, and why'd you leave? Any regrets?
  5. Hi I was seeking advice on how to leave my 1st job. I'd like to hear from other pas in their experience with transitioning. I know I should secure a new position first but won't potential employers contact your references at current job before giving a firm offer? (especially if seeking employment at a hospital?) I have to give 2 months notice, would potential employers see that as a huge issue with waiting for a start date? Any feedback would be helpful.
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