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  1. Doubt it. Difficulty of the program depends more on how much educational/moral support the program provides you and the learning environment they try to foster. I'm sure these schools are offering open house days where you can pick the brains of current/previous students to get a feel of this.
  2. I went to Western and have no complaints about it. I made it through the program with only the normal struggles of a typical PA student and now I'm a certified PA. To address your points about Western: 1. Cheaper tuition should be a top consideration because student loans are a weight on life. 2. I replied to earlier thread about the class size so just copy and pasting my comment here: I graduated from a large university and was comfortable entering a PA program that had ~100 people . I had a perfectly fine experience; it didn't affect my learning in any way (we had 98% PANCE pass
  3. Definitely good advice. I was hired as an MA in derm with only my bachelor's degree and worked with a PA. Also search for scribe jobs. I would also add that you have a better chance of finding a job with little healthcare experience by looking on craigslist. I think it's because small private practices tend to post on craigslist and they seem to be more willing than large companies to hire someone without MA certification (but pay is cheap). Definitely not easy though, so send out a bunch of applications and don't give up.
  4. My time to shine. I literally have a "Nonclinical" folder where I've been saving nonclinical job opportunities I've run across in the hopes that one day I will be qualified to apply. Many of these require 3-5 yrs clinical experience and/or a technical/data science background. Files/images attached below. These apply to the LA area because I'm in SoCal but hopefully it gives you an idea of what nonclinical jobs are out there. Clinical Product & Content Specialist - Flatiron Health.pdf Clinical Terminologist - Flatiron Health.pdf
  5. I graduated from a large university and was comfortable entering a PA program that had ~100 people . I had a perfectly fine experience; it didn't affect my learning in any way (we had 98% PANCE pass rate) and in fact I appreciated the diversity of personalities within our group. Multiple cliques formed as expected but that's normal and not a problem. We had a class Google Drive where people were encouraged to upload and share their notes - it turned out to be an awesome collaborative effort to help each other get through the program. Out of our ~10 professors probably only 4 of them knew my
  6. I'm in California. I work at a large outpatient IM practice with 50+ MDs and 10+ PA/NPs (many of whom are new-hires since they are always hiring). At least for the doc I work with, the amount of patients in clinic have been drastically reduced as we transition to telemedicine. No news yet of pay cuts or furloughs but I'm not holding my breath as this pandemic continues. My PA friend in urgent care got his hours cut by half. My SO is an attorney at a large law firm where they cut everyone's pay by 15% but made it a point to mention no one will be fulourghed. Those I know who work in
  7. SoCalPA, I was just accepted off the waitlist today!! Wow, I made this post nearly exactly a year ago. Ahhhhhhh I'm still in shock.
  8. Late update: unfortunately, I was (and still am) waitlisted. So I'm getting ready to re-apply this cycle and will definitely have to work on my interview skills. Thanks for all your encouragement!
  9. I found a craigslist post by a prePA student looking to pay to shadow. "Will pay $20 per hour." O.O https://losangeles.craigslist.org/sgv/hea/5520663885.html From my experience, it's not that the PAs themselves don't want a shadow, it's that the companies they work for don't allow it because of HIPPA regulations. Though the shadowing requirement for PA schools make sense, it's just unfortunate that it's so hard to find an opportunity to do so.
  10. Update for the curious: I got an interview invite! Huzzah! (Also I never received confirmation on my recalculated GPA.)
  11. My application was verified mid-July but I haven't heard anything from them. @Disciple3, did you get your letter via email or snail mail?
  12. Submit to programs that do not have supplemental questions in the "Program Materials" section if you are finished with everything else. Submit to programs with supplementals in "Program Materials" AFTER you've completed them. The good news is, the very first time you submit, your CASPA is placed in line for verification. If you decide to submit to more schools afterwards, it doesn't need to be re-verified. Does that make sense?
  13. Yes, they want you to mark all attempts, including the original.
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