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  1. I just came across this positive news segment about a PA, but nowhere in the segment did they ever refer to him as a Physician Assistant. To be honest I don't care about being called Physician Assistant VS Physician Associate, but once you start referring to a PA as a "medical assistant" (in the video description), "doctor's assistant" (in the headline display), and "doc" it gets infuriating. At one point during the interview, Tony Adkins literally says he's a Physician Assistant then afterwards the news anchor calls him doctor. Wat. It's a shame when news sources can't even help the public demystify the role of a PA. Because the news station is based in Australia, I wondered if the confusion was because there aren't any PAs in Australia. But a quick Google search showed me that PAs do in fact exist in Australia! On another note, Tony Adkins is a preceptor for my school. I never had the opportunity to work with him but he seems like a wonderful provider who loves his job!
  2. !!!! Thank you for your kind words! Are you still attending or did you already graduate?
  3. SoCalPA, I was just accepted off the waitlist today!! Wow, I made this post nearly exactly a year ago. Ahhhhhhh I'm still in shock.
  4. Late update: unfortunately, I was (and still am) waitlisted. So I'm getting ready to re-apply this cycle and will definitely have to work on my interview skills. Thanks for all your encouragement!
  5. coffee

    Paying to shadow?

    I found a craigslist post by a prePA student looking to pay to shadow. "Will pay $20 per hour." O.O https://losangeles.craigslist.org/sgv/hea/5520663885.html From my experience, it's not that the PAs themselves don't want a shadow, it's that the companies they work for don't allow it because of HIPPA regulations. Though the shadowing requirement for PA schools make sense, it's just unfortunate that it's so hard to find an opportunity to do so.
  6. Update for the curious: I got an interview invite! Huzzah! (Also I never received confirmation on my recalculated GPA.)
  7. coffee

    2015/2016 cycle

    My application was verified mid-July but I haven't heard anything from them. @Disciple3, did you get your letter via email or snail mail?
  8. coffee

    supplemental applications on CASPA

    Submit to programs that do not have supplemental questions in the "Program Materials" section if you are finished with everything else. Submit to programs with supplementals in "Program Materials" AFTER you've completed them. The good news is, the very first time you submit, your CASPA is placed in line for verification. If you decide to submit to more schools afterwards, it doesn't need to be re-verified. Does that make sense?
  9. coffee

    inputting repeated courses

    Yes, they want you to mark all attempts, including the original.
  10. coffee

    Should I include this volunteer experience?

    Unless there is a limit on how many experiences you can add (which I don't think there is), I say go for it. I don't see how it could hurt you.
  11. coffee

    2015-2016 Application Cycle

    I noticed that same issue with my work experience (didn't input any rewards). I wanted to turn in the supplemental ASAP so I just submitted anyway and crossed my fingers that everything went through.
  12. I just submitted both the supplemental and primary application (already verified). Do you know when they start reviewing applications?
  13. Thanks Maynard, your response is reassuring! I'll just go with my original answer but definitely more professional than that.
  14. Hey, Disciple3, thanks for your response. But the prompt is "Describe how you heard about EVMS", not "what you heard...". Also, I already did all of what you described in my answer to the question "Why do you want to attend EVMS?" Are you saying that in my answer to this particular question, I should just use it as an opportunity to expand on the "Why do you want to attend?" question?
  15. "Describe in detail how you heard about EVMS?" (unlimited characters) Alright, maybe I'm just being too paranoid about a simple question here, but... They already asked "How did you hear about EVMS?" and gave me the option of checkboxing "internet/website" and "EVMS medical school" before the text-box space They already asked "Why do you want to attend EVMS?", though the answer was limited to 100 words All I can really say is something along the lines of "I've heard about your medical school from my pre-med friends. When I was checking out the list of CASPA participating programs, I noticed EVMS's PA Program. I then explored your webiste, liked what I saw, and decided to apply." Is that sort of answer good enough? What are they looking for? I normally wouldn't be too concerned about my answer except for the fact that they said "Describe in detail...." and then gave me unlimited character space. O_O

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