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  1. Rebecca? If so, we interviewed together that afternoon. Congrats!! And for the facebook, I just searched for the group and didn't use the link.
  2. Our group was told March 3 would be their last interview date. They still had a couple of seats at my interview but I'm not sure if that could change if offers aren't accepted. Good luck!
  3. Just curious...is there a facebook page? I clicked on the former link above and it's no longer active. Thanks!
  4. Update-Proud to say I have been accepted to PA school!! I honestly thought this cycle was over for me, and that I would have to apply a second time. Thanks for all the advice everyone!!
  5. Got the acceptance call today from Kandee!! Beyond excited!!!
  6. When I talked to the department one lady said there was a March 3 interview date as well so don't give up. They give the invitation to interview about a week or so before the interview date. You've still got time. I wish you the best!
  7. February 24th is the interview. I applied January 22, but didn't submit my supplemental until 2/7. Hope you hear something soon! Good luck! I have an average GPA, average GRE scores, 600 plus volunteer hours, 22,000 hours of hand-ons HCE. I'm a bit older ;)
  8. Just got invited to interview last week! Anyone know how many seats are still available if any? :-/ I applied VERY late in the game so I honestly wasn't expecting to hear anything.
  9. I have taken several of UNE's online classes, but not BioChem so I'm no help there. I learned a lot from each of the classes except Organic. That was a DISASTER. The book was written by the professor and horrendous-not even legible in spots. The teacher, albeit kind and quick to reply to emails, was a joke. I had to supplement with other books, got a tutor, and barely wound up pulling an A out the class. Would I take it there again? NO. Hopefully, BioChem is taught by another professor.
  10. It is definitely tough! Maybe the home health jobs will pan out. Check out PCT with dialysis centers too. Here they require no certs and do on-the-job training and the starting pay is $15. Once you get trained, that will increase. Some will even pay towards school. Plus, you get end of life experience which a PA friend of mine on an adcom said really helps you to stand out. I totally understand the willingness to do anything and everything you can to be competitive. I actually quit my nicely compensated job in healthcare to apply this cycle. I had plenty of experience, but needed more volunteer hours, shadowing, and had several prerequisites to finish. I haven't been accepted (yet-fingers crossed). Competition is crazy. I had 22K hours of great hands on experience and a competitive GPA but things just haven't worked out so far. I agree with the original post too, that applying is really a crap-shoot at times, and often just the luck of the draw. Looking back though, I wish I had not quit my job even though it seemed like the best choice at the time. That's the reason I made my post. I too want to become a PA more than anything, but I could've kept my job and figured out other ways to make it all work. :-/ Anyway, enough of my ramble....GOOD LUCK, do what you feel is best, and knock 'em dead! Hopefully, next cycle will be yours!
  11. I am not so sure I would take out loans and quit my job to become a CNA and gain PCE. There are other ways, and students loans will come like a brute force soon enough. Being financially wise now will help in the long run when you do get into PA school. Have you researched volunteer locations in your area that would offer PCE? I currently volunteering at my local free health clinic and get PCE. However, I had plenty of paid PCE so if your programs specify paid experience that wouldn't help. How about ER scribe if you are already in medical billing? Also, MANY programs do not even require experience these days (which is shocking to me), or only want 200 hours or so. I just don't think I would sell my soul to loans just yet without exhausting all other options. Do you have 401K? EDIT-Many hospice and home health companies in my area also allow home health aides which are essentially CNA positions with plenty of hands on patient interaction without the CNA cert. You could do that on weekends and keep your day job. Just a thought.
  12. I'm sorry and can relate. If this is your dream though DON"T give up! Keep pushing! However, I don't understand how schools do not let you know anything at all. I am not sure I would apply back here simply by the way they handled applications. I submitted information in July and my last LOR was received end of August/first of September. Oddly, I just received (end of Dec) a transcript evaluation updating a class that I finished and sent updated transcripts for in August. I am assuming this was never forwarded to anyone in the department until then? Other schools receive 2000 applications and handle them efficiently letting applicants know promptly if they are rejected. This school receives about 400 applications and apparently just holds them leaving applicants anxiously waiting in the balance.
  13. I guess if you truly, truly were committed to having a dog (i.e. child) for the companionship, you could leave them at a doggie daycare facility while you're at school/clinicals. Depends on your financial situation and just how badly you want the dog. I would say wait until after school to get the puppy. At least your current dog is already trained/on a set routine and would be much easier to handle.
  14. Got internal med. Never thought about it but the description definitely fit. :)
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