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  1. Per email from Drace they are still in selection process and are holding off on sending out all letters until complete. He didn't give a timeline, only said "hopefully soon".
  2. I haven't submitted yet. I plan to at the end of this month/first week of October. I'll let you know of any information I receive.
  3. They don't start sending invites out until closer to the deadline, so mid to late September! Interviews will start mid-October.
  4. In my rejection email, she told me I could contact the program about their decision after February. I followed up via email and she told me things to work on in her reply---working in patient care, more volunteering, more shadowing hours, and to reflect on my interview and practice/prepare for future interviews. USA is very service oriented so volunteerism is a must. It was my first time interviewing and I was nervous (I know it showed). Overall it was a great experience. My interview was one hour. Everyone was very nice, welcoming, and I enjoyed the campus tour. Current PA students were helping with check in/tours and it was great to speak with them.
  5. .....and JUST got the email confirmation they have my verified CASPA, all evaluations, and that I'm under review!! So this is earlier than last year. I didn't receive this email until October 26th last year. I believe it has to do with how many applicants are verified with all references in a given time. If many are ready at once, it will take them longer to get to those ready after that time frame.
  6. Sure! The earlier interviews (October) seem to go to applicants with earlier verified dates WITH all evaluations received. If you're verified before all your evals are complete, they will hold off to review you based on when you're verified with all evaluations. I was verified mid-August last year and my supplemental and GRE scores had already been received. All my references had submitted their rec letters by August. I didn't receive an email that I was under review until October 26th. I received my interview invite via email on November 15th and interviewed on December 9th, their last day for interviews. So, it seems to be rolling as far as interview invites, but they do not fill all spots on a rolling basis with the earliest interviewees. Only a few spots are immediately offered after an interview date (i.e. if they really, really like you/are very confident you are great for their program). Most are told they will find out their status in January after all interviews have been conducted. So, only a select few find out shortly after each interview date (4 dates total, I believe). The rest wait until they have interviewed everyone and then the final acceptances are sent out. Those accepted receive phone calls. Its not "rolling" in the sense that all spots can be filled up before they even get to your application for review/interview offer. The remaining spots after all interviews are done are filled with applicants from any of the interview dates deemed worthy/have the highest overall score after interview.
  7. @alakait I received confirmation that they have my supplemental application, GRE scores, and verified application. However, Nancy stated the adcom would not review my application until all my reference letters were received. My last reference submitted today, so I'm expecting to hear that I am under review soon! I interviewed last cycle but didn't get in. I'm hoping this is my year!!
  8. Hi! Does anyone know the stats of the of accepted class graduating in 2018? Or any accepted class stats? I haven't been able to locate them on the website. Thanks!
  9. @hopeful17pa Nancy told us we would know our status by December 20th
  10. Congrats @mariargreene! Will you be attending the dinner with current students the night before?
  11. Yes, more invites will be sent out. According to a current student, the class is currently half full and the program will likely hold interviews through February. And @jena.hayes90, I submitted my supplemental application and fee last month, as well. Still haven't heard anything. It just shows on my online account with their school that it has been received.
  12. Thank you!! And sure, here's some info: Degree: B.S. in Biology (Birmingham-Southern College) HCE: 6,200hrs @application as a Medical Assistant (Pain Management, Primary Care) GPA: 3.4 Verbal: 155 Quant: 152 Extracurricular: Cross-country and Track and Field (+awards), Beta Beta Beta Vice President, AED Pre-Health Honor Society, Teaching Assistant, and LOTS of volunteer (+award) and service work, most of which has been focused on those of low socioeconomic status in the Birmingham area.
  13. Absolutely not, @JRC! A current student received an invite one week before the interview date. There's still time. I've heard they are a little behind on things (I was verified August 25th) and received the email that I was under review almost a month ago.
  14. Just got an interview invite for December 9th! Anyone else interviewing that date?
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