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  1. Yes, I’ve been accepted and myketchim.edu reflects that status. Did you get an email about your status?
  2. Congratulations! Yes, there is still a chance as some students will give up their seats for a different program, good luck!
  3. I missed a call yesterday and just received the acceptance call!! Can’t believe it!! I interviewed Jan 26th!
  4. yjyoo

    2018-2019 cycle!

    Congratulations! I interviewed two days before my birthday too and was accepted. Best birthday present!
  5. yjyoo

    2018-2019 cycle!

    When did you submit your application? I think they are still inviting
  6. yjyoo

    2018-2019 cycle!

    Around 10people per interview
  7. yjyoo

    2018-2019 cycle!

    I think they either call or email so you might hear back tomorrow
  8. yjyoo

    2018-2019 cycle!

    During the interview, did they say you will hear back only on the 30th?
  9. yjyoo

    2018-2019 cycle!

    They will probably notify you by later today after working hours
  10. yjyoo

    2018-2019 cycle!

    I did study a lot for it knowing that my Verbal would be low if I didn’t. I would just make sure your score is above USC’s expected score of 295.
  11. yjyoo

    2018-2019 cycle!

    I wouldn’t say it’s too late, their deadline is November so you should still try ? I’ve heard stories of students getting into PA school despite applying late into the cycle, so you never know.
  12. yjyoo

    2018-2019 cycle!

    Don’t lose hope, they are still inviting people for interviews!
  13. yjyoo

    2018-2019 cycle!

    I didn’t receive my email yet so I’m not familiar with a portal

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