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  1. Thanks for the response! pay seems a little less than one would expect in the US.. but given PAs are newer in Canada (to my understanding at least) seems appropriate. The scope I am surprised with a bit. Getting to throw a few tubes in and do some sedations is better than a lot of EM positions i know of here in the states. Thanks for the response again!
  2. Just wondering if there has been any update of PAs practicing in Canada, specifically emergency medicine. Any clue on the scope of practice and salary?
  3. Thank you both! These are all great
  4. Hey everyone, Just wondering if anyone has come across a good splinting guide. I've been looking but can't find exactly what I'm looking for. Ideally a book that clearly outlines what splints are best for which fractures. I completed an ortho rotation and have experience as a tech in the ED in which we did all the splinting for the providers, but I really would like some sort of resource to refer to if needed. Thank you
  5. Thank you! If you have heard anything about the other programs feel free to PM me. There is only so much information out there for a lot of the programs. A few blogs have been very helpful, however.
  6. Anyone applying this cycle having trouble with the online application? I can’t seem to find it.
  7. Iowa was one of my top choices but when I had originally done my research and put my list together they had two application dates. When I went back recently to get everything together they had changed to just one and I missed it for this year. If i end up needing to apply next cycle it will definitely be on my list.
  8. Yeah this is definitely the tricky part. Some start in early June which is a lot more manageable.
  9. Thanks for the reply! There are more and more popping up every time I search it seems. I have 9 that are on my list. I am very flexible and am willing to move anywhere as long as the program is solid and will provide the training I am looking for. I'll put my list up here just in case anyone has any red flag stories to share. - University of New Mexico - Albany Medical Center - NYU - Cornell - Johns Hopkins- Bayview - Mayo clinic- Minnesota - UCSF- Fresno - Yale - Albert Einstein I'll repost with any updates for the thread.
  10. Hey guys, I’m a second year PA student graduating in December (PANCE in January). I’ve always planned on doing an EM residency and now is the time I finally get to apply. I picked about 6 residencies to apply to. I was wondering if anyone knows how many applicants the programs are getting now that they are gaining popularity. I did well in PA school (pending last two rotations) and worked as a tech in the ED prior to PA school. A lot of the programs are only accepting 2 residents per cycle and it has me a little concerned. Thanks for the responses in advance
  11. I agree with monte7, super relaxed. I was a little nervous at the start of the day but by the time the interview came I wasn't nervous because everyone was very nice. The interview was pretty short and informal.
  12. I got my acceptance letter from the April 2nd interview today! Anyone else ?
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