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  1. mwmwmw80

    Class of 2017

    @emilycolli @tmluu hello! did either of you get accepted from the alternate list??
  2. mwmwmw80

    2014-2015 Cycle Applicants

    After being on hold for awhile, I received an e-mail stating the class has been filled
  3. I just received an interview for this cycle! Why is there no other forum for this program?!
  4. Also, what does it mean that the PA program is ' Accreditation - Provisional '
  5. Hello all! Does anyone know if this program uses real cadavers? Interviewing soon - any advice would be much appreciated!
  6. mwmwmw80

    start 2015 (class of 2017)

    @LTJGonealPAC That's good to hear, thank you very much!
  7. mwmwmw80

    start 2015 (class of 2017)

    @CSCH Thank you for input - definitely something I didn't think about, appreciate it
  8. mwmwmw80

    start 2015 (class of 2017)

    Does anyone know if they use real cadavers for anatomy? Or if they have options for electives during the clinical rotations? Thank you!
  9. mwmwmw80

    Clarkson University:New York

    Does anyone know if the program uses real cadavers? And if there is an option to take electives during clinical rotations?
  10. mwmwmw80

    Clarkson University:New York

    @hao1031 Hi! I just received an interview invitation for June 12th. Could you give me any information on the program? Or insight on the interview? Would greatly appreciate any info/advice :)
  11. mwmwmw80

    start 2015 (class of 2017)

    @Audmichelle pm'd you as well!
  12. mwmwmw80

    start 2015 (class of 2017)

    @kwarre11 I pm'ed you!!
  13. mwmwmw80

    start 2015 (class of 2017)

    Is there a hotel anyone can recommend? And mode of transportation/taxi service? Thank you!!
  14. Does anyone know if there is a high chance that people from the waitlist get accepted?

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