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  1. The anticipation is killing me!! I wake up everyday checking my email even though I know it's so early still. Hang in there everyone!
  2. ^^^^^ comment about the interview invite. Just gave me a heart attack! :) there is still hope!!!
  3. Hi everyone! I am still waiting to hear from EVMS, I was verified on 8/13. I have had a few rejections already and am becoming very discouraged and sad :(. Has anyone received any invites yet or anything after the verification email? I believe my overall GPA is what is hurting me, as it is only 3.23. My post bachelor GPA (most of the pre-reqs needed) is a 3.7 but not all schools see this as a larger reflection of my ability. Any insight or helpful advice is much appreciated. The rejections are so very discouraging. Thank you! Monica
  4. Hi everyone. I've come pretty close to losing hope. I was verified june 16th and I have not received anything since. I am seeing people get invites that were verified a month after me. Is this happening to anyone else on here?? Ive been rejected by five schools already and very discouraged. :( Thanks!
  5. hey everyone! I have been told they wont start reviewing till after the summer. Meanwhile I will be patiently waiting with all of you. Good luck and fingers crossed!!
  6. I submitted my application today! I was hesitant due to the cost of living in the New York area. As a student it will be tough. Hopefully it isnt to close to the deadline. Good luck everyone!
  7. I got the same exact letter of rejection. I have a 3.22 so I am assuming this is why as well. Worth a shot, bummer. Stay optimistic!
  8. Thank you khartma1 I am trying!! Good luck to us!
  9. Hello everyone. I have not received an invite for a interview, but I also have not received a rejection letter. I am still hopeful. Has anyone received a rejection or think the school is still emailing Invitations to interview???
  10. Hi everyone! Recieved my email confirming on 6/22. Incredibly nervous! Good luck everyone!
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