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  1. I am currently during my FAFSA and financial aid and noticed that there is the option to send my information to multiple schools. I'm not exactly sure how all of this stuff works, but should I be sending my information to not only the school I was accepted to, but also to the school I was waitlisted at (which I would go to if I was taken off of the waitlist)?
  2. Thanks for your response. I knew it sounded weird and I wouldn't want to bother anyone and come across as annoying, that's why I thought I'd ask for advice here before doing anything.
  3. I was recently waitlisted to my top-choice program and was wondering if there is anything that I should be doing to increase my chances of being accepted. When I asked where I was placed on the waitlist, they said that they couldn't give me that information. I was going to leave it at that and let fate take its course, but a master's student at the school (not in the PA program) recently informed my mom that she knew of people who were waitlisted to the PA program and who continuously contacted them saying how much they wanted it and apparently that helped them get in. In her words "be a pest." Is this the right course of action to take? I was accepted to another program, which I liked, and I already sent in my deposit, but if I was taken off of this wait list I would most likely go to this school, because I only live five minutes away (as well as other reasons).
  4. Did they tell you where you were ranked?
  5. has anyone heard anything recently? acceptances, waitlist, or rejections?
  6. I just interviewed at my top choice program where they have this accelerated degree for PA. There are only 7 spots available, because the majority of the class (70 total) is filled with these students. One of the reasons why they have this degree is to get "5 years of tuition, rather than 2" from what I understand. I'm sure there are other reasons, but that's one that my interviewer mentioned.
  7. Yeah, I believe there are less than 20 seats for graduates. As a total, I think there's around 60 in a class, including the Kings students who started as freshmen.
  8. I don't think they send out rejection letters at all. I think the only letters that they will send out are supplemental applications, interview invites, and acceptance letters. Hope this helps and good luck! Also, don't assume anything just yet. I personally know a person in the program who had an interview in March and was accepted!
  9. I will also be attending the interview for the 29th and just received a confirmation email with instructions about an hour ago. Looking forward to attending :)
  10. Did anyone receive a confirmation email from Bonnie after sending an acceptance email for the interview?
  11. Just received an interview as well! January 29th
  12. Has anyone received an interview invite yet? I know by this time last year people heard back. Hoping to hear soon!
  13. I submitted my supplemental the end of August and received an interview invite early/mid october! I know some people even heard earlier than that. So id say about a month to a month and a half after?
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