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  1. I just have a question because I am planning to become a certified phlebotomist while still in school for my pre-req to get into PA school. I live in NYC and I find that it is so hard finding a job with no previous experience in the medical field. I try going to hospitals to volunteer, but are all booked, I've tried walking into clinics and handing in my resume, but all with no luck. I have no received any calls. So I've decided to get a certificate in phlebotomy and hopefully clinics would accept me as a nurse assistant or something or just help people draw blood so I can at least get some patient care hours. So my question is, do you think that's a good idea? Also, I have searched phlebotomy and they have so many different trade schools that offer the training, but the ones I am interested in are the CUNY ones. However, when it's time to take the test, I noticed that there are different institutions for them such as NHA (National HeathCareer Association) and ASPT (American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians). I don't understand which is better or why there are two. Also, I am not sure if I really need to take a course for it. Can I just study on my own with a textbook and just take the exam? I live in New York but I cannot find any information about it. I know that to be a pharmacy technician in NY, all you need to do is take the exam and pass, no need for any courses. Any suggestions or advice would help. Thank you so much!!!!
  2. The first semester, I got a B+ and a B- is probably because I was getting the hang of school again being that I've been out of it since 2011. But this semester, I actually developed a better study habit. I'm thinking I would get either an A- or A in Chem 2 and B- or B in Bio 2. But I totally agree with you. Taking 3 sciences might be tough for me, but I'm willing to try and see if I can handle the workload and it can actually guide me to see if PA is fit for me.
  3. that's true. But I'm just worried if I took these 3 sciences and I flunk them..then it would totally mess me up when I apply for PA school
  4. i graduated with a bachelors in 2011. In the fall of 2014, I went back to school in pursuit of being a physician assistant. Fall 2014- took Bio 1 and Chem 1 (B+/B-) Spring 2014- took Bio 2 and Chem 2 (grades did not receive yet) The remaining pre-req/ recommended classes I need for PA school: Organic Chem 1 + Lab Organic Chem 2 + Lab (recommended) Microbiology + Lab A&P 1 + Lab A&P 2 + Lab Biochemistry 1 (recommended) Genetics (recommended) I'm not sure how to fit these into my schedule for the upcoming Fall and Spring semesters... I was thinking of taking 3 sciences in the Fall semester: A&P1 + Lab, Organic Chem 1 + Lab, and Microbiology + Lab. What do you think? Thank you!!!
  5. how do i go about getting some Paid experience in NYC? Start volunteering in a hospital and go from there? Plus, I have tried calling many medical offices, and they mainly just hire receptionist...I'm sure receptionists do not qualify as Healthcare experience right? Doesn't it have to be dealing with patients?
  6. Hi everyone! I am currently taking some biology and chemistry classes right now at a college and planning to take organic chem over the summer. I am doing great in chemistry class, like A+, however in biology classes, I'm more of a B- or C student. I'm just worried that since my biology grade isn't so well, would that affect me getting into PA school. I heard it is very competitive and everyone getting in has like a 4.0 gpa!! I am also planning to volunteer over the summer at a local hospital so that I can fulfill some HCE hours. What's a good way to keep track of Hours? Plus, is PA school that competitive? Would getting some A's, B-, and C's and with lots of experience help me get into PA school? Any advice on how to study for biology? Any advice would help. Thank you!! Twixxiwt
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