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  1. I applied close to the deadline. Does anyone know if that will make a difference? I have heard that Sophie-Davis doesn't even look at the applications til after the deadline. Is it the same at York? Also, I was not able to get my past employers to send over a employment confirmation to prove my clinical hours, do you think that will be negatively viewed by the admissions team?
  2. I want to apply to an accelerated RN program just in case I don't get accepted to one of the PA programs I have already applied to. If there is a chance that this would negatively impact my PA applications I don't want to do it, but if it doesn't matter I want to have a backup plan for the year I will be re-applying to PA school. I have already tried to start an application and it won't let me use the same email address. Is this a hint that it's discouraged or just a website design error? I look forward to your feedback. Thank You
  3. Has a person's social media presence ever factored into the admissions process?
  4. I am applying to many great programs. I am applying to the ones I think I have the best shot of getting into. 80% of these programs will award me a master's degree upon completion, but one offers a certificate for people who already have a bachelor's degree in some other discipline, as I do, and another offers a second bachelor's degree for a two-year program. My question is for people who actually have had to deal with having anything other than a masters degree in the current job market, or someone in charge of hiring, who can shed some light on this topic. I have heard Duke only hires masters level PAs. I am sure when competing with a masters level clinician you lose points in the job hunt, but have you had to deal with lower pay and/or less opportunity?
  5. It really sucks that a person can be priced out of a career before ever getting a chance to get started like this.
  6. This is something I have been searching for. I can't find it anywhere. Sorry in advance if it is already posted, but I can't find it. Thanks.
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