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    I work in a privately owned outpatient primary pediatric office. 13 providers total.
  2. Luckily we have two different locations for our practice. So we did all well checks at one location and only sick at the other for most of March, April, and May. We started seeing both sick and well at both locations in June but sick only in afternoon after the well checks. We see all sick and try to keep potential COVID patients in a few select rooms to minimize exposure to us and other patients. So far it is working well. We were lucky to be able to stay open and have decent revenue given the circumstances. I know our practice also got the PPP loan which of course helped as well.
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    I've been in Peds since I graduated in 2013. I make $130k/year. We make a base salary and then get production bonus on top of that. I work 4 days/week with 1-2 saturday mornings/month. It is a great work life balance and I am happy with how much I make at the moment.
  4. That is odd. When I look at on my NCCPA account it shows the average for the first two blocks as being much higher than what you report of 72% and 76%. One is 82% and other is 87% or so. Average being 83%. I wonder why that is.
  5. Shouldn't affect your licensing. If you graduated, got the degree, and passed PANCE, that is all they care about. You should be fine.
  6. 20-30 patients/day is a lot for a new grad. I work in peds in CO. 4 days/week. See about 10-20 patients/day. 1-2 saturday mornings/month. Base salary is 90k and I make about 10K in bonuses. I have been a PA for 4 years now. As a new grad I was offered 86k with no potential for bonus until after my first year. 401K is 3% match and 3% safe harbor. Benefits decent. I'm not sure I would give a number first as then you pigeon hole yourself into a range. I am not sure what SoCal cost of living is. Could you ask what they were thinking starting salary is or what other new grads were started at? Pay also depends on benefits and rest of package. Let us know what they end up offering. Good luck!
  7. Hi all, I have a predicament I'd like to run past you all. I feel I am being short-changed in my pay here and would like other's perspectives. I have been at my new job for 6 months now. I initially signed a contract that provided a base salary and then $60/hr for any hours I worked on saturdays. However I was 'promoted' up to Production Bonus Pay on Oct 1st (though I wasn't alerted to this until mid-late November). This means that I still receive my base salary but no longer get the $60/hr on saturdays. Instead each quarter I would get a production bonus. I was told this was much better as I would make more $. Fine. Then come today (February by now) that I am made aware that none of the PAs are going to get any production bonus for the 4th quarter last yr (oct through dec) due to some financial issue that has yet to be explained to us. I worked 10 saturdays last quarter and feel I essentially worked them for free, as I don't get a production bonus and I am not making the $60/hr as I was initially hired to get. I took quite a pay cut to come work here (i moved from rural to where family is) and was led to believe the production bonus would bring my base salary up to where I expected it to be. I feel like they purposely 'promoted' me to production pay when they realized they were having a financial issue in november so they could get away with not paying me the $60/hr on saturdays starting oct 1st. The other PAs and I (4 of us) are set to meet with the manager next week to discuss this issue and what exactly is happening. Maybe I don't know all the details. However, i feel like I should ask to at least be compensated for the past saturdays that I worked at the rate of $60/hr as stated in my contract. When I was 'promoted' to production pay, it was just an email they sent me informing me; I never signed a new contract agreeing to it. Any thoughts?
  8. Thanks for the replies. It is 4 eight hr days (so 32 hrs total). I countered with $85,000 but they said they would only go up to $82,000. I will be eligible for a production bonus in November. And all saturdays remain $60/hr until I am eligible for production bonus. I am not too concerned about CME this year. I can negotiate that next year if need be. 3 weeks vacation and 6 holidays off is already better than I am currently getting so I was actually happy with that. I will have access to my collections/numbers. They pay for license, DEA, PALS, credentialing, etc. Production bonus is based on practice profit (is a pool) and then midlevels get a percentage of it based on their individual productivity. The other option is starting production bonus right away and saturdays would then be included in base salary and bonus (no longer $60/hr). What do you guys think?
  9. Hello, I just received an offer for a primary pediatric job. Looking for any advice from fellow PAs. I graduated in 2013 and have worked as primary peds PA for the past 1.5 years. I decided to look for a new job to be closer to family. Job specifics: -Base salary: $75,000 with production bonus after 1 year of work. Now sure yet how production bonus works. I want to talk to the other PAs there is get their input on this. -Work hours: 4 days/week with 1 saturday every 3-4 weeks. However, saturdays are separate pay (not included in salary) and are paid $60/hr). Saturdays typically 3-4 hrs long. I could potentially work more saturdays if I wish. -3 weeks vacation plus 6 standard holidays -1 week CME plus $1,000 allowance for CME/year -Health insurance (4 different plans to chose from). The plans appear to be decent so not too concerned about this aspect. Insurance kicks in after 60 days of working. -Malpractice through COPIC. Unsure of how much or if tail included. -No call and no rounding on patients in hospital (no inpatient duties) Practice has 6 MDs, 4 PAs, 2 NPs I currently work in a smaller town. Salary is $91,000. I only provide this to compare to the offer. I currently work 5days/week. I am leaning towards accepting this job as is closer to family and I haven't had any other reasonable offers. Please feel free to ask questions and provide any insight/advise. I appreciate all comments. Thanks.
  10. Doesn't sound that great to be honest. Base salary is too low even for new grad. I would ask for 2 weeks vacation minimum in addition to holidays, 1 week sick, and 1 week CME allowance with $2000 to spend on CME. I am not sure what is standard for health insurance coverage, but I get 100%. Also, you would basically be working full times with those hours. Sounds like they are trying to have it in writing that you are not exactly full time (40 hrs/week) so can pay you less, but I suspect you will easily put in 40 hrs/week with that schedule. Is this the field you really want to go into? Do you feel like this would be a good learning experience as your first job? Are you looking to stay there for long time or just to get experience? I think all of those things factor into decision as well.
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