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  1. So if PA school is more intense and not that much shorter than med school then why did you guys choose to become PAs over MD/DOs? The PAs that I have shadowed, particularly in primary care, seem to do the exact same job as the MDs but get paid half the ammount. Why didn't any of you just go to med school, enjoy a less intense curriculum, and end up with a similar job but with more autonomy&money? EMEDPA has said its cuz he wanted to avoid orgo. What about the rest of yall?
  2. Lol I really feel like you guys are too optimistic when it comes to docs. I dont know many docs only working 2 days a wk
  3. :( this makes me sad to read. Would you be happy if your son/daughter wanted to be a PA?
  4. Not sure if you read my posts once again. I literally just discussed my general interests 2 posts ago which would rule out exactly 80% of the careers you just posted. I agree with your last statement.
  5. I really respect your opinion because I know you have a lot of experience being a PA but aren't you being a bit pessimistic? ER docs working 140 hrs/mo = 35 hrs a week. I dont know many docs that only work 35 hrs/wk. Also I was recently talking to an new EM phyisician that works both nights and holidays. Isn't it the norm in EM to work nights on a rotating shift? EDIT: Also do PAs really hit the glass ceiling within 5 years? So after 5 years your scope of prac, salary, etc. are the same for the rest of your career?
  6. Not sure if you have read my posts but I have explicitly said I dont care about shorter time in school. Im drawn to medicine in general because, as cliche as it sounds, I find it to be a fascinating way to apply science to help people.
  7. I agree with this and your last post. The thing is I know people, in real life and an sdn poster, that have left med school and wish they had gone to PA school. Others on sdn often wish they had gone to PA school so they could start their lives earlier. Don't you agree these people would have been happier as PAs?
  8. I've heard that too but I've also heard the opposite. How can the hardest part be getting in though when the classes in med school are much tougher and the MCAT is nothing compared to Step 1? Edit: Also a lot of ppl have told me the samething about doing fine since I got a 30, but arent there countless people with 30's that end up leaving? Also to make it clear Im not doing PA just becuse its easier. I genuinely see the value a good PA brings to a healthcare team and Im pretty sure that I would find the career fulfilling.
  9. You know nothing about my candidacy other than my grades which are competitve.
  10. Im honestly not a troll and I know you post on sdn as well so I would really appreciate your advice. With my grades Im likely competitve for DO schools and have a shot at MDs. Is there a flaw in my logic? EDIT: I tried PMing you to prove it but it says you can get any more PMs?
  11. Im not saying PA school is easy by any means. Im sure it will be harder than undergrad and I'm deff. going to be studying a lot more than I did in undergrad. The thing is I've seen people remediate in med school that I knew to be extremely intelligent in undergrad. My friends in PA school have told me that its tough but my major (bio from a top university) is really good at preparing us to meet the demands. Once again this is an anecdote but a girl I know going to Northwestern for PA school told me she studies 6 days a week and takes 1 day off. She had like a 3.5 gpa in college. My friend
  12. Idc about the length. The hardest part about med school is getting good grades in the first two years and doing well on Step 1. Im not sure why you think PA school is more intense. I have friends from undergrad that are extremely intelligent and were able to pull 3.9 GPAs and 35 MCATs with no problem. Many of them are struggling to pull 75% in their classes where a 70 is passing. I have other friends that are smart but still not nearly as intelligent (3.5ish GPAs) in PA school. They are certainly studying more than they did in college but they seem to have no problem being in the top 30% in th
  13. So after A LOT of thinking I have decided to apply to PA school primarily to avoid the first 2 years of med school + Step 1. Im a 23 y/o college grad with a 3.65ish GPA and a 30 MCAT. Im confident I could get into a DO school but I really dont feel confident in my ability to get through the first two years of med school. I majored in bio and in undergrad I literally studied everyday with breaks just for ECs. I got A's in most my bio classes but I deff put in a lot more time than my peers and I feel like med school would simply be too much of a jump for me to handle. In college I would literall
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