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  1. hi! i am a student at SUNY Downstate PA program. guys do not worry-interviews have not started yet! good luck to all!
  2. No problem! Call them. Their number is 7182703446. Email is good but I think to actually bring it in yourself is the quickest
  3. I would not drop anything. I had an interview last year in April. Send them a updates transcript showing them that the class is in progress. My friend did that and she got accepted.
  4. How about you hopefullyfuturepa? Does yours says what everyone else's says? Application sent to comittee?
  5. They are really nice and ask basic questions, why pa, why their school, your strengths, weakness, like that....
  6. OH so you applied after me I guess. Ya they said totally fine it's saved in the computer I just can't see it
  7. I decided to sign onto my application and copy and paste my essay to allow my friend to see it. Long story short, downstate changed their essays in middle of the application process and my essay about why I want to be a pa is no longer there. Anyone else notice this? I'm a little concerned.
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