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  1. Hello again, I found out this morning that a PA with AAPA is scheduled to be on the show today! The show airs at 1 p.m. EST (not sure what segment).
  2. Hello everyone, I have good news from the AAPA. They replied today and said they were already aware of the remarks Harris Faulkner made on her Fox news show. The AAPA apparently sent a comment to her yesterday morning via twitter (which I will paste below). This prompted Harris Faulkner to contact the AAPA VP of Communications and apologize for what she had said. She also invited the AAPA to have a PA do an interview on her show, which they are now working on. I realize that we are all beyond frustrated with our title and it must be changed, and I agree it's time that we start practicing independently. I'm sure most of you feel as I do, in that I'm fed up with being mistaken for a medical assistant. I'm also tired of being considered a provider that "requires physician oversight"; this makes us appear less capable than an NP (or doctor). I'm sure my current job is like most of yours, where I do the same work as the doctors, except get paid a lot less (which is not how things were supposed to be). I have been a PA for 14 years and have heard discussions about getting our title changed since I started in this profession. I think at this point, it's going to take each and every one of us uniting to push for not only a title change, but also in becoming independent practitioners. I know right now, however, our priority is to work on helping as many as we can in fighting this horrible virus! Once things start to return to normal, we must revisit this and start to work on getting things done. Be safe and stay strong everyone!
  3. Hello everyone, I know this is a difficult time for all, as we are dealing with the coronavirus and I don't want to add to the stress, however I wanted all of you to be aware of inaccurate comments made on the 3/27th Fox News show called Harris Faulkner Outnumbered Overtime. A colleague of mine told me about this, as I had never heard of the show. I watched it today, and the host starts talking about "physician's assistants" about 17 minutes into the show. The host was discussing the lack of supplies currently faced by many hospitals and went on to say she had spoke with many PAs from all over the US . She said PAs have told her "I'm oftentimes the person behind the doctor or the nurse who is tasked to count the things" (referring to taking inventory). She then goes on to say "administratively a lot of those people are working from home" and finally, references us as "the bean counters if you will". I know this lady is totally ignorant of our role, however I felt you all may want to know about this. I have emailed Fox News and the AAPA about this. Be safe and stay strong everyone!
  4. Hello, I wanted to know how much autonomy is given working as a hospitalist PA? I know a physician has to admit a patient, or agree to the admission, but do PA's follow their own panel of patients while admitted, along with discharging them when medically appropriate (all without oversight or input by the physician)? I have a friend who is currently working at a hospital, and after a patient is admitted, they allow him to follow his own panel of patients, including discharging them when they are deemed appropriate. I am curious to know if this is common. Thank you
  5. Thank you for your reply. I'll plan on asking $75 then.
  6. Hello everyone, I am considering a weekend/part-time job as a hospitalist. Can anyone give me an idea what would be fair for hourly pay? I am thinking to ask around $75/hr since it's weekends, but not sure if that is reasonable. I have prior experience working as a hospitalist PA and have worked in critical care as well. I have a full time job 4 days/week, just interested in this as a side job. Thank you.
  7. Hi everyone, I wanted to know if any of you who have worked in Critical Care have tried/or moved to working in a different area of medicine. Also, which specialties do you believe a Critical Care PA would be the most marketable in? I'm wondering if working in such a specialized area for so long could help or hurt finding different jobs outside of the ICU. I've been in Critical Care for 5 years. Thanks a bunch!
  8. pacctexas

    VA job offer

    Thanks everyone for your input! I thought a lot about it and decided to take the job. I definitely have always had much more job satisfaction working in a place where I've felt the most needed by the patients. I can't think of many places better for that than the VA. I also decided that money is very important, but being satisfied in my work with a slight cut in pay is worth even more. I always appreciate everyone's advice on this forum. It's helped me a lot over the years.
  9. pacctexas

    VA job offer

    Hello everyone, I've researched any and all information I could find on the internet (and this forum) about working for the VA (pros/cons). I wanted to know from anyone working in the VA if you feel things such as the somewhat lower pay (compared to the private sector) is worth the job security and benefits. Also does anyone know if it is hard to transfer/relocate to another VA? I've been offered a job as a GS 13 Step 5 (which sounds great) but there are 2 private sector job offers I have at the moment that are offering about 15K more. Also this particular offer with the VA has more limited autonomy and responsibility than I've had in past jobs. I applied to this job initially because of job security, benefits etc., but now I have to let them know if I'm taking it, and am having second thoughts. I would have to move across the country to a more remote area and would have to pay for relocation out of pocket. I tried every which way to negotiate for relocation, recruitment bonus, etc., but was told there would be no additional funds. Also with it being a job with less responsibility, I'm not sure how I feel about that. On the other hand, it is a VA job with job security that can't be matched anywhere else plus benefits that are hard to find elsewhere. I would appreciate any advice/input from former or current PAs who work at a VAMC.
  10. I'm surprised that they train new grads for this. It seems like they would prefer people who had a few years of experience before taking on that amount of responsibility. I do appreciate your input on this.
  11. Hi, I was wondering if there was anyone out there who covers night as the solo provider in the ICU. Wondered what that is like and also what it is like doing night shifts in regards to fatigue over time. I was offered a job working 7 days and 7 nights per month. I can make my own schedule. I'm just concerned about being the solo provider as well as how hard it would be over time to work this type of schedule. I do have past ICU experience but during the days only.
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