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  1. New grad 3 months into a non-OR CT surgery role at a level 1 trauma non-academic center. Our service newly started in house night coverage, which will be my role once fully trained. My role will include coverage of tele floor CT surgery patients and ICU patients (along with vascular surgery service calls but that’s for a different post). I will be “solo” for the service but with intensivest in house and virtual ICU available for back up as well. I am 3 months in and feel comfortable on the floor. I’m transitioning into being the only provider to round for floor patients, along with d
  2. Yes, OTC NAC qday. I don't personally have experience with recommending it (I'm a new grad going into CT surg so far far from this specialty of medicine). I saw a patient back after recommending it during my rotation and they said even within a few days it was helpful. Of course, as others have mentioned in detail, ruling out other causes is important but this is a relatively inexpensive way to potentially give some relief if you truly feel the excoriations are caused by picking due to anxiety.
  3. During my psych rotation in PA school, the providers would recommend N Acetyl Cystine for pickers which seemed to help significantly.
  4. I worked as an Ophthalmic tech prior to PA school. It all depends on who you work for. The small practice I worked for loved to teach which made the experience rewarding and helped me learn the “why” behind diagnoses rather than just following the pathway of “we do x for y”. Additionally, being present for the doctor-patient interaction was really valuable in learning how to lead a patient encounter and write notes. I found my classmates who didn’t scribe struggled a bit more when writing their notes during school. Additionally, I found that a lot of my classmates seemed to strugg
  5. not sure specifically about any of these schools, but I can say that ranking doesn't really matter during or after PA school. I am 3 months shy of finishing didactic and knowing what I know now, I would chose the school that gets you done quickly for the least amount of money, but also has a good reputation/pass rates/curriculum that will prepare you well for rotations. I imagine the 33 month program is the same amount of credits just stretched out into 33 months. You could be in practice almost a year earlier in a 24 month program. If rotations spread around the country is something you'
  6. As others have said above, medicaid is an option. You have to make above a certain amount (I think 12k) to qualify for subsidies under ACA, otherwise you have to pay full price for a crappy plan. So ACA was not an option for me. Although it seems expensive, I recommend going with the school plan. Mine is about $220/month but if I go through the health center, all visits and medications are covered (everything except brand name stuff is available there). I think it should be similar with other schools. Bottom line - take a loss on this one and go for the convenience of school insuranc
  7. you have at least 4-5 months. why not retake the GRE? like others have said, its more likely to rule you out if they have a cut off for GRE (which from what I remember tends to be 300). If anything, I think the low number of PCE would be more to your detriment. Also in reference to your previous question - they don't look at your age whenever evaluating your PCE. Hours are hours whether you're 40+ (at least 10% of my class) or 22.
  8. currently a student 4 months in. If I could go back, I would've saved myself a TON of money. -apply early -as many others have mentioned, don't apply to schools you wouldn't actually attend. One school I applied to literally sent their students all over the USA for each rotation (so you would be moving every four weeks). While this might work for some students, it definitely would not have worked for me. I could have saved a lot of $$ being more selective and learning more about schools. -make the most out of your pre-PA school health care experience and the providers that surro
  9. I second the above. As an Ophthalmics tech, I was hands on with patients daily which is really what most places are looking for. I had no problem with any of the schools I applied to (all within NC and SC) accepting my experiences as it was definitely hands on with patients. If you’re paired with a physician who likes to teach (as I was), you have the potential to learn more than working as a CNA.
  10. I am a current student at Campbell. The first day, there are definitely a few prayers from different faculty/university members. There are also s few ceremonies during the year where prayer is involved. Otherwise, we do not pray before class or anything like that. Our genetics class was more geared towards different research being done currently and how it might impact treatments in the future. Also, we ended the genetics class with ethical debates that could definitely have had some religious talk intertwined but did not. All classes are kept strictly science. Overall - I am not m
  11. I bought the first edition and received it a few days before I saw this post. Bought the second edition and sent the first back. I feel that it's much more in depth. Just browsing through it, the organization of the text is much better in the second edition as well.
  12. not an ophthalmic PA, but I am starting PA school in July and currently work as a scribe/tech/surgical coordinator in a small private office. I have talked in detail about this with my physician (he primarily does cataracts and blephs). It seems like a PA would be best implemented in a practice that does a lot of surgeries to do a review of systems and regular exam prior to surgery. There are very few ophthal PAs out there, but it seems like most of them work with the bigger practices and function similarly to an OD (except add the ability to surgical assist but most procedures don't need mult
  13. I interviewed back in August and was waitlisted, but got a phone call today that I was accepted off the wait list! I have already accepted a position at another school, so I denied the acceptance. Hopefully someone here will accepted from the wait list! Good luck.
  14. Hi everyone! Congrats to everyone who has received an acceptance so far. I interviewed on August 23rd and heard back for an acceptance on August 24th! I'm very excited to be joining this class and was wondering if there was any facebook groups or anything set up for those who were accepted. Thanks!
  15. The interview is individually. Don't be nervous! The staff is incredibly nice and welcoming and it's evident that they have all worked very diligently to prepare a great program for their future students. Once you get there, all the nerves will fade (hopefully)!
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