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  1. We write independent notes for our own procedures and bill for those as well. Because we provide a lot of cross coverage, I'm looking for measurements that focus on quality of care rather than RVUs. We've considered looking at financial impact for our ICU as a whole (decreased lab utilization, preventions of catheter associated infections, etc.) but I'm also really interested in looking at quality of care measures that aren't focused solely on finances.
  2. Does anyone out there have good suggestions for measurement of PA productivity, especially when starting a new practice group? I am part of a new group of critical care PAs at a large academic medical center. We are hoping to expand our group by adding additional coverage with the goal of providing 24/7 coverage for the patients on our service. We are currently integrated with residents. Much of our work is not visible financially, as we do shared visits with the attendings (we are not paid based on RVUs). Much of our daily work is also cross coverage of resident patients. I am trying to provide our administration with some level of objective data of our economic impact. Any relevant studies or insider experience would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Any PAs out there working in primary care sports med or other non-surgical sports med practices? I'm interested in combining medically supervised fitness programs with a career in sports medicine, but haven't seen many sports med positions that focus on primary care rather than surgical orthopedics.
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