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  1. Hello everyone! I work in UC in California and would like some input about my upcoming review. Current compensation is $75 hourly, partial insurance coverage, low 401k match, less than 2 weeks pto. Current have 3-5 years of UC exp. With my review upcoming I would like to negotiate a higher compensation and I would like support from my 2020 billings. I charged over 1.5 million as the majority of my patients are PPO and I generally have above average "customer scores". I would appreciate any input! Thanks in advice!
  2. Hi guys, This is my first full year as a PA and as expected my income has increased. I just had my preliminary taxes done, but have not filed. I am single and I filed 0 dependents, but yet I believe with standard deductions I am scheduled to owe 3000 federal and 1000 state. I do have student loans and was wondering does this seem right and if it is should I be exploring possible deductions that might add up more than the standard and if so can you give me some examples? thank you guys for all your help!
  3. 10 month exp in FP/UC got a UC/OCC med offer 70/hr 70/30 Medical/Dental/Vision/401k with 3 day sick days and vacation based on accrual. With Malpractice and tail I believe. Solo Provider with room to grow. Full time 40 hrs a week. California overtime rules.
  4. First year student here! Good luck to anyone interviewing on 9/28. You made it past the initial screening process, now just do your best to show the faculty that you are prepared to be a PA student and that you have the experience to be able to succeed. If you guys want to prepare questions for current students I think there will be a q/a session at some point. Good Luck everyone, and enjoy this process! (it already feels like a lifetime ago)
  5. Just got an interview invite 2 days before the actual interview(29th). I will be declining so hopefully they will have time to invite someone else.
  6. Thanks! For the periodic updates I just basically listed anything new I had done (additional HCE/volunteer/shadowing hours, grades for classes, etc) and emphasized how much I had enjoyed my time at Touro and that they were definitely one of my top choices. For the TY note, I think I didn't send one until a few weeks after I interviewed so it's definitely not too late.
  7. I interviewed November and was wait listed a few days after. Acceptance letter was postmarked April 13th 2016. I wrote a thank you letter and updated them periodically.
  8. Hey everyone! I was put on medium wait list back in November, I am pleased to say that I have been accepted off the list! It was sent through snail mail. Touro seems like a great place, but I have been accepted into one of my top choices so I will be declining my seat. Hope this gives all the wait listers some hope! Good Luck to everyone!
  9. I just got accepted! I am so excited to meet everyone. I interviewed on March 8th
  10. emailed about caspa verification 7/29 also waiting on Supplemental email, nothing yet
  11. Hey everyone, was just wondering if everyone still on the list got an email from western recently to reconfirm you interest on buying on the alternate list. I just got one today and was wondering if you all got one also.
  12. Did you have to pay the $500 deposit fee since you took longer than 2 weeks to decide? Just curious if this isnt the case and there might be more people declining in the near future
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