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  1. HS - I've had a few friends go through IPAP, only down fall is your likely to get assigned to primary care right out of training. Believe you have to do that for 3 years before applying to Emergency or Flight Med residencies. At least on Civilian side you have "chance" to apply for Emergency Med, Trauma, or surgical residency right out of School. Guess just depends on your wants.
  2. HS - When did you go through Indoc? I went through summer 2002, maybe balls 5?- Saw your age and time in, pretty much exactly the same. Yea - you should totally get accepted in to IPAP. I would go that route or get out. I wouldn't get out and then go back in. NO SLOTS AVAILABLE FOR Civilian to AF PA's for 2015 -2016. 1. Get that degree if you don't. 2. Get good GPA on science Pre-reqs, and then some. You would also have an easy IN on the civi side with pre-reqs. There a ton of PA schools that support Vets/Pj's University of North Carolina has a specific program for Spec ops
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