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  1. https://www.facebook.com/groups/995073820504319/
  2. Hey guys, I made the Facebook group. I think it'll show up if you search Touro College PA Program Class Of 2017- Bay Shore
  3. Congrats guys!! I'll create the Facebook group today and then I'll post the link :)
  4. I received an email from Ms. Christie inviting me to an interview and then had to call to confirm my attendance.
  5. Thank you!! I submitted my application in July and interviewed on 2/9 with about 9 other people. The interviews started with an information presentation by the director and then we went upstairs individually to interview with two faculty members. The interview itself was not very long, maybe ten minutes, followed by a short writing sample, very basic. It was a lot less intimidating than I had anticipated. I'm not sure about how many more cycles they're doing though, or until when.
  6. Hi everyone! I was in the first interview cycle and got my acceptance letter on 2/25!! Did anyone else hear back yet? I'm from Long Island too :) -Rebecca
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