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  1. Do the GRE scores have to be received by the school by before the October 1st deadline as well?
  2. Does anyone know if you have to be licensed to take patients vitals or blood sugar levels?
  3. I called in about 3 weeks ago and they said they are still inviting people for interviews for a couple more weeks. Does anyone have any updates on interview invites?
  4. Did anyone who applied to this program have outstanding prerequisites?
  5. anyone know if the schools can see the transript request form you send to caspa or if it can only be seen by caspa itself? I recently sent the forms with my transcript but realized there were some errors on it so I changed it on my actual CASPA application however, the errors remain on the request forms, I'm worried the schools will see the errors!!
  6. Anyone know if there is a minimum GRE requirement to apply? I've been looking around the website but can't find anything about it besides the file score calculation
  7. Hello! First off, thank you for devoting so much of your time to this forum, I really appreciate it! I was wondering if you have any input as to whether most PA schools have a preference for the microbiology prerequisite. My school offers a Microbiology and Public health course along with fundamental microbiology lab. Do you think this would this fulfill the requirement for most schools just as much? Thank you so much for you time!
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