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  1. Hi there, I’m a 2015 Yale graduate in my second-year of the two-year Teach For America program, teaching bilingual chemistry and physics at the high school level. I teach in a historically underserved community where 75% students are low-income, 54% are English Learner, and the majority are Latin@ and/or undocumented. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but the most rewarding thing I've ever done. Since starting teaching, I’ve realized that the way I truly want to impact historically underserved people is through affordable healthcare as a mid-level practioner, i.e. PA. I was in the pre-
  2. Hello, Is there a directory of schools available that I could look up to see which PA programs are worth looking into if I know with great conviction that I already want to practice in EM? If anyone has anecdotal advice about which PA programs have extensive and/or interesting EM rotations, I'd appreciate that too. Thanks and be well, papham
  3. Hi all, Although Stanford mentions on their website that applications that don't meet this 3,000-hour requirement are considered "incomplete," does anyone know about or have experience with their flexibility? I'm a graduating senior in college and have worked part-time as an EMT, clinical research assistant, and have done several volunteering gigs involving hands-on care. Estimating what I think makes sense gives me ~1,500 hours. I've accepted a two-year teaching position with Teach For America after graduation and, during this time of working a full-part time job, will have to complet
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