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  1. @adamrose93 When did you submit your app?
  2. Just got an update! Looks like they've only had one set of interviews so far. They started late this year so we might not hear back for a while. Good luck everyone!
  3. Yeah, Touro isn't going to review until January I believe.
  4. It's the forms and questions asked on the CASPA application no?
  5. Hey guys, any status on the bayshore campus yet? wanted to start this thread going
  6. Congrats man! when did you submit your app?
  7. Hey guys, do you know if Human anatomy with lab (4 credits) and Human physiology with lab (4 credits) fulfill the requirements for human physiology I and human physiology II for this program?
  8. Hey jks204, what were you able to ask them? and did anyone else hear back yet? P.S: Congrats!
  9. Also in Long Island! Anyone else trapped in this snow? haha
  10. Yeah, anyone who is still hasn't received anything got that email last I'm guessing. Still waiting for something too.
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