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  1. Just got off the wait list and couldn't be more excited! There is definitely still hope for everyone waiting to hear!
  2. I'm not too sure but I would agree with you and guess that it will probably be a while. Got to love the waiting game!
  3. Hi Hulie1320 Thanks for the information. This is my second year applying and I'm more anxious than ever so it's great to hear of your success! I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing when your CASPA was verified and if they mentioned how many interviews they are going to hold?
  4. Submitted my application a month ago. Anyone else applying to the Manchester campus? Good luck!
  5. I would not lose hope so quickly! I know they have many different interview sessions, each with 20-25 candidates, so there should still be many opportunities for interview invites. Hoping to get one myself. Good luck to everyone!
  6. Submitted my application about a week ago and am super excited! Noticed there wasn't a thread so I figured I'd start one. Good luck everybody!!
  7. Waitlisted! I got an email on the 30th from Janet that informed me I would be an alternate if I was still interested. Interested I am! Anyone else out there holding there breath hoping for a spot to open up?
  8. I believe that all final decisions (accepted, waitlisted, or rejected) are going to be made at the same time. Only those who received early acceptance have heard back. BUT that being said I'm not 100% sure!!
  9. I also interviewed on the 30th and have not heard back yet.
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