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  1. Besides the set up of the program, this was something else that appealed to me about Drexel. I just wasn't sure if I wanted to be in school the extra time for the part time option. Even though if I get to the end goal, it doesn't matter either way I suppose. Having undergrad debt is quite the motivation to limit my grad school debt, all bearing in mind that the education I'm paying for is the most important part.
  2. I tried to browse the forums prior to posting, so apologies if I've missed a previous thread that discusses this topic. Most every program website that I have read has stated that employment during the program is strongly discouraged and some even state that it is prohibited. I know that the education is a priority, and the demands of the program are extremely high, but I was just curious if anyone has ever tried (and succeeded) in maintaining some form of employment during PA school? Even if it was just part time, like something you'd have in undergrad. Or has anyone tried to work over b
  3. @kindle123 I have a pdf with information regarding Drexel's admission requirements and process. It does not have a date/year on it, so I am not sure if it is out to date, but when searching for further detailed information about Drexel while I was researching schools, I came across it. In the pdf, it states that they hold interviews from August through February. Even if the other information is out dated, I would be willing to bet their general interview process remains relatively similar. Maybe this is just me being an optimist, but I would say it sounds like you have time still :)
  4. honestly, I think there's a good reason behind it. I made the same mistake when I started writing, thinking it was a 5,000 word count (which is extremely high if you think about it. Even essays for undergrad apps were normally a 500 word limit, not 5,000). Once I noticed the mistake, it was a great thing for my essay. It really helped me get down to the important points and get rid of all the wordiness and fluff that wasn't necessary. CASPA wants to see how well you sell yourself in 5,000 characters. It really is a smart tactic. Like one of you mentioned, sometimes those with the higher GPAS,
  5. for those of you who are already verified, do you know if CASPA actually updates the app when certain sections have been verified? For example, when you go to my programs, program status, and hover over the information symbol when the app is being verified, have ya'll noticed if they update the section and check off the materials that have been verified already? Or does it all just update at once on the verification date? Thanks!
  6. Thank you! I seemed to have issues loading their pages properly on my tablet style laptop, I was able to see it all on a regular computer. best of luck to everyone
  7. Where did you find this? Everything I've seen so far on their website does not list an actual minimum grade, but I did find a pdf that has the admission requirements that states a C or better, but then on the actual CASPA app it states a B or better. Just wondering if you ever got actual confirmation directly from admissions. I was afraid to ask because it is the type of information typically found on line but what I have found seems conflicting.
  8. I've attempted to read through some similar threads, but none seem to address my specific issue at hand. I have already attended a 4 year university and received a bachelor of science. While there I was able to knock out a good chunk of my pre-reqs as they were required for my major or I chose to take them on my own. Our biology department, however, sets up certain classes in a rather odd way, that seems to be to a disadvantage to me. Three of my classes are impacted by this- Human A&P 1, Human A&P 2, and Microbiology. While in the course description it clearly states that it has a
  9. Just curious then, if you withdrew from a course but retook it and was issued a letter grade, what does that mean in the grand scheme of things?
  10. Maybe this makes me a tad naive, but for me, money has never been a driving force for what I choose to do with my life. I would be lying if I said it wasn't a factor, but in my opinion I find it foolish to make a career choice based on salary. You could be making millions a year but if you aren't happy and you don't enjoy what you're doing, what's the point? The way I look at it is you can't take it to your grave, you can't take any of the things you spend it on to your grave, so why not live more for the moments rather than the money? Whether that's what you do during the work week, or what y
  11. @paadmissions From your experience/perspective, do adcoms look down on courses being taken at a community college? I tried to complete as much pre-req course work as possible during my undergrad that wasn't already included in my program, but it wasn't until my junior year that I decided PA was the profession I wanted to continue on in. I only have 1-3 courses I need to take still depending on the school, but I just don't think I can swing it financially to pay post bach out of pocket at a university. I haven't seen anything explicitly listed on the websites of my schools of interest regar
  12. @paadmissions As far as the CASPA application goes, is it ever too early to start working on it? I have heard that the application can be very overwhelming, and I was urged to give myself plenty of time. I think the earliest I will actually begin applying to schools is next year (the 2017 cycle) but one of my friends who just got accepted said I would be able to start my application now. However, when I sign in to the CASPA portal, it immediately asks me to select a school and make a payment. I don't want to go through that step if I will have to re-pay when I actually choose to submit my
  13. @paadmissions This thread has been extremely helpful as I prepare my applications for PA school. I have a question regarding weighing the importance of different aspects of the application. I know how important shadowing is to be exposed to the medical field and help fully understand each healthcare professional's role. I have seen numerous posts about the importance of volunteer work as well. I have been blessed in that I have heard back from two PAs in two different settings for shadowing, but I have also been offered a volunteer position at a major cancer institute that I was eq
  14. Well that's where it gets a little bit complicated. The certs would definitely help me further myself as an ATC, but since I don't plan on staying in it, I am trying to weigh my options if it is worth it.
  15. sorry for the confusion- I meant working in certain settings as an ATC, ie HS vs college vs. industrial vs physician extender? I know when it comes down to it, an ATC is an ATC, but our duties do vary slightly depending on the setting we work in.
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