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  1. Well ironically I was offered an ROTC scholarship, but turned it down because I thought the required service would interfere with continuing on to PA school. An alternative I was considering is the Navy LRP. Would I apply for this prior or after PA school?
  2. As an undergrad looking to apply to PA school I was wondering how would I apply for IPAP. Would I have to enlist before applying to the school? And how competitive is it to get in? Also, in your opinion, would it be better to go to IPAP, or a civilian PA school through the payback program. I feel like IPAP would better prepare me for life in the military after I graduate PA school.
  3. I'm interested in the PA payback program, where the military pays your tuition for PA school and then you owe them service. I was wondering if I would have to go through basic, or is the training I'll go through different.
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