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  1. I still have not received a letter yet either. I thought that all people who were accepted received a phone call, but maybe not. Does anyone know if they are sending out acceptance letters?
  2. They are very strict. I got an interview this cycle and had 12,000hrs DPC to give you an idea. Wishing you well on your journey to become a PA. Hoping I get in this cycle.
  3. @mash, me too! The anticipation is making my heart beat out of my chest. Really hoping I get in and all of you as well. Good luck everyone! (Ring, Ring, Jump), "aawwww man...mom don't call me for the next three days". Lol j/k
  4. I was just wondering how people felt like there interview process went? @helpfulPA I wish I would have read your post of the steps before my interview. I thought I had strong nerves, but I was so nervous when I arrived that I felt like my interview fell apart. I agree it did feel like the interview conversation didn't "flow" and if I knew this in advance i think i would have done better. I felt so much pressure from myself, friends, family, etc that I broke under pressure. Hoping I did better that I thought I did and praying for that acceptance phone call next week. Good luck everyone.
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