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  1. Those of you that have needed to or prefer your own malpractice insurance for telemedicine work - who is your preferred malpractice provider and why? I'm needing to purchase my own and would appreciate any advice on the most affordable yet reliable provider for occurrence based 1M/3M or 1M/6M coverage? Thank you!
  2. That sounds like a great side gig. Does the company only partner with facilities in one or a few states? What state licenses are required?
  3. Can those of you that work in addiction medicine (or telemedicine in general) shed some light on what type of malpractice insurance you've purchased for yourself? My situation: I am a PA living in Chicago but will be starting an (on call, but weekly coverage of two 15 hour days) addiction telemedicine job in California that is offering malpractice as a W4 employee but no malpractice if I wish to be a 1099 (independent contractor). The benefit of each is of course not having to figure out the complicated taxes and getting malpo insurance through the employer as a W4 VERSUS independent benefits as a 1099. This is not my primary job so insurance or retirement benefits don't come into play. The job pays $1500/week so I was thinking the 1099 may be a better option because I will owe quite a bit of taxes. I've never held a position where I have had to get my own malpo. For those of you that work in addiction/telemedicine - what limit of liability do you select? In the quote function CM&F provides, behavioral health/psych in class P1 (that AAPA describes as nonsurgical) and telemedicine in class P3 (AAPA describes as surgical). I imagine this is due to the risks associated with telemedicine? Selecting both behavioral health/psych and telemedicine (since I am doing telemedicine for addiction) gives me a $1,000,000 / $6,000,000 policy quote. I've only ever been offered a $1,000,000/$3,000,000 policy by my employers and I wonder if even that is more than what would be needed as an independent contractor. What do you guys normally get? Should I be selecting both classes or only telemedicine? Trying to make an informed decision on my employment status once I take malpo into account but what would you do if in my shoes? Thank you in advance!
  4. I also meant to add in my original post - companies that provide a supervising physician internally and malpractice insurance. Does Encore do this?
  5. Anyone know of PA friendly (urgent care like) telemedicine jobs? Ones that provide a supervising physician and malpractice insurance by default. It seems all the mainstream telemedicine companies hire physicians and NPs only.
  6. Hi I would be interested! How much are you thinking?
  7. I am looking for the same! It's quite an investment so a preview of the actual dvd would be super useful! Any luck for you?
  8. Hi! I would be interested! Just out of curiosity, is there anything that was previously included for you that you are not selling? Is the workbook used? Unrelated but, did you attend any of the live events cme4life offers?
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