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  1. Thanks for the the reply!! What do think about EM or hippo boot camps for cme?
  2. Hi all, any tips on switching specialties? I am looking to switch from internal med to emergency med. Any cme or Boot Camp workshops? To help my chances. Or just tips for looking for a new job, would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!
  3. Hey all, anyone who is licensed in WA state, did u have to send in the proof of opioid prescribing and suicide prevention cme before they issued your license? Thanks, Kim Tess PA-C ... been waiting to write that for a while !
  4. Hi Rev, one more question. I am reading all the requirement for Wa and it says "hospital privileges" and "delegation agreement". Do both of those have to be sent in before they will issue your license? So basically, you need a job to get a license?? Am I correct in interpreting that? Thanks Again, Kim
  5. Hi, I am currently in my 6th of 8 clinical rotations . I go to University of St. Francis. I was born and raised in Washington and love it there. I plan on practicing around the seattle area. I went to University of Washington and was living there before I left for PA school. Thanks for the info! Kim
  6. Hi , I am graduating PA school in a few months. I know I can start the licensing process as soon as I pass the PANCE. Am I correct in assuming that I can complete all of the documents except the ones that have to be completed by where I get a job? Also, do you have to wait for your license to be issued before you can apply for a DEA number? All of this is confusing! Thanks, Kim
  7. Hi All, I am a current student, let me know if you have any questions I can answer ? Congrats to all that have been accepted! I look forward to meeting you all !! Kim
  8. Hey all, the interview is an all day thing, but overall it was not too bad compared to other programs I interviewed at. Group panel interview (lasts about 2 hours), lunch with current students ( which were really awesome and accessible answered lots of questions) then two individual interviews, followed by a tour and info session with the dean of the program. Everyone was very nice, just be prepared for a lot of questions in the panel interview! Good Luck!!! Kim
  9. Hi Haley!! So excited! Are you going to accept? Kim
  10. Interviewed on September 29th received acceptance offer today !!! Kim
  11. Hi all applied and have done supplemental, just waiting on word for interviews!! Question, of all of you that have posted how many of you are California residents? Thanks, Kim
  12. The more the merrier ! Btw the Starbucks is kind of in the middle of u village across from pottery barn. See u all tonight ! Kim
  13. Ugh! Sorry, hope everything works out ! My name is Kim and I’ll probably be the only redhead there, so look for me !!! See you Tuesday, Kim
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