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  1. This process is so ridiculous, it’s funny. I give up. Good luck to those who got a spot
  2. Hi, the same thing happened to me. Turns out schools tried to send me emails, but for some odd reason it was dropped (didn’t go through). I use yahoo btw. One interview invite and two rejections. If the schools are almost done with interviews and you still haven’t heard back, I would recommend contacting them individually.
  3. Do you happen to know their contact info/email? Thanks
  4. Does anyone know when their last interview date is? Applied in July and still haven’t heard anything
  5. Applied July 5th, application complete email on Aug 1st, interview invite today for Sept 28. Flying from California
  6. Verified July 10, but no response so far. According to past posts, they send out rejections pretty late. Ugh the wait....
  7. Just got an interview offer today, but the only dates available were 2 days in March
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