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  1. Kinda of early, but any current students/ alumni have the 2 summer reading books: medical terminology a programmed systems approach and pa: policy and practice? If so could I rent/borrow/buy? Trying to save as much $$
  2. I received a call last week, accepted off waitlist!!! Current RUTGERS PA STUDENTs: Is there any current PA students I can message? I m just wondering if clinical rotations are just in NJ or NY/penn/NJ?
  3. so i called the office today and they said that the students actually set it up; it has nothing to do with the actual admission committee/office. they said we should receive an email soon about it..hoping it be sooner though so i can make my plans to go up there.
  4. Congrats!! Guess I'll be seeing u Jan 19! Did u get email yet about the meeting with students day before?
  5. I got the interview offer via email but also sent me an official letter after I got the email. Since orientation is march 7th, I think Jan 19 might be there last interview date. I have no idea. crossing my fingers on getting the last few spots.
  6. Omg! I just got interview invite for Jan 19! It's kinda of late interview- does anyone know how many spots are left?
  7. Hi everyone who got accepted-congrats! I will also be joining in aug 2016! I was wondering if any students out there knew about how health insurance works in PA school... is there a specific insurance DeSales requires? My old insurance is not active in 2016 so I need to switch but just checking if school requires a specific one.
  8. I'm going to PA school!!

    1. Diggy

      woot woot! Congrats

    2. kpcglobal

      Good job! You will love the career!

  9. I haven't received a secondary app yet... anyone know when I should give up hope?
  10. Undergrad Ed School: Johns Hopkins Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.5 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.4 Graduate Ed School: N/A Cumulative Graduate GPA: N/A Science Graduate GPA: N/A Age at application time : 22 or 23... 1st GRE: V 157 (71%), M 156 (71%), 4.5 W (94%) Direct Patient Care : ED medical scribe >2000 hours, EMT 200 hours, shadowing 100h Extracurricular/Research Activities: Research at Biological Chemistry, Urology, and Pathology Schools Applied: Arcadia, DeSales, Drexel, UF, Rutgers, Cornell, Duke, Albany, ...etc (rest does not matter but applied to like 15-17) Application Submitte
  11. any other opinions out there??? >< desperate helppp!!
  12. haha sorry xD I accidentally pressed posted before typing up program 2. as for COA- program #1 is cheaper; however, if i go to program #2, I don't need to worry about housing so higher tuition balances it out; therefore, cost is pretty much the same.. I prefer to work in Philly, NJ/NY/DE and both programs are located in 1 of those regions
  13. I need help deciding!! I have two acceptances and have less than 15 days left to decided whether or not to deposit to the 2nd one. Program 1: PANCE- 100% pass rate in the past 13-15 years - has full dissection for anatomy - early exposure: every Friday morning has 4 hours clinical exposure in hospitals, clinics, and all specialties starting either 1st or 2nd week of classes - clinical rotations: 9 five week rotations, ALL LOCAL, max 1 hour away from campus but housing provided - length: 24 months - missing requirements: NO
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