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  1. While I can understand your concern, I can tell you as a PA student who is over 1/2 way done with clinicals, this is a really minor thing to worry about. Echoing what others included in responses, you must EARN respect...Yeah many people you encounter won't want to hear your opinions and ideas and won't take you as seriously as they would a more experienced provider, but honestly why should they? Study hard, and know your stuff, so when the opportunity arises, you can show them why you should be respected. And of course, treat them with respect from the get-go...Drs and PAs alike roll their eyes at the "entitled student" who is too good to do things and who refers to tasks as "nurse jobs". You're there to learn, but don't be the student who makes a total mess of a procedure room because a nurse will take care of it... People can give orders in any profession, and I would think you had some type of real-world experience prior to PA school that should have prepared you for what you are asking. Also, sounds like your school has some poor attitudes about the PA profession! I have been treated fairly during clinicals and have found many people who value the PA role. If they don't understand what we do or why they should respect us, SHOW THEM, and try not to complain about it before you even start. Have an open mind, and realize that not everyone you encounter needs to be your best friend. You don't have to be a know-it-all to earn respect either, that's actually discouraged and people can see right through it. Be HUMBLE about your knowledge. You are not expected to know all the answers. Best of luck during clinical year. I can guarantee you won't have time to worry about many things besides studying and working once it begins.
  2. Yes, I believe they have a class of accepted students...I was trying to see if anyone on here was planning to attend Mercyhurst if they do have a successful acreditation.
  3. Has anyone else been accepted to the PA program at Mercyhurst? It's a new program so I did not see it listed under the "Physician Assistant Schools" subform.
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