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  1. is it a good idea to call dyc on the application status?

  2. Thats great, congrats! As for the waitlist, they usually inform you at the time of your email invitation to interview that you are interviewing for the waitlist.
  3. Good Afternoon Pa2016 and Famous Amos, Last year when I applied they seemed to go through times where no one heard from them for a bit and then there would be times where every other week they would be in contact. I think they meet every 2 weeks and my guess is if that meeting gets canceled for some reason they skip that meeting and its then once a month. So I wouldn't be too worried if you haven't heard back in awhile. As for the number of interviews, I want to say its around 8-10 and I know the last one or two is when they interview for the waitlist. You will know via email if you are interviewing for that list. Best of luck to the two of you! Best, Phil
  4. Good Evening Irene, Everyone does not get a supplemental application.
  5. Good Evening, They actually are rolling, they start interviewing in the Fall and continue until early next year. -Phil
  6. Good Afternoon, I can't recall my stats exactly. The application process is really tailored to everyone individually so giving out that information would not be beneficial. Good luck to all and don't stress, remember to just be yourself and all will go well! Wish you all the best of luck :)
  7. Hey Everyone, Thought I would start the accepted students forum. Feel free to post in this thread once you have been accepted and will be confirming your seat. Looking forward in getting to know all of you. The school will make a FB group in early January! -Phil
  8. Good luck everyone! If anyone has any questions feel free to reach out!
  9. Hey everyone, I am beyond excited, I have been accepted into the program!!!!!! I interviewed on Dec. 21st and received the notification via email around 1pm today!
  10. No problem at all Trevor, I am glad that we could help you out! How did your interview go actually? As for letting you know, I was informed about 3 weeks after I interviewed via a very generic email from the president of the university. The email basically said, "Congrats on your recent acceptance...." so I assumed I got in. A few days later I received a letter in the mail informing me of acceptance into the PA program. I wish you the best of luck! -Phil
  11. Hi Jasmine, Congrats on your acceptance and I am glad that all the information on here was useful to you. As for the length of the program, it is considered to be one of the longer programs but you have the option to ask to be placed in the 2019 class. Look for the information on the DYC PA Class of 2019. If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to me on here or FB. As for the quality of the program, they have been around for awhile and have been graduating PAs with pretty high PANCE rates so I would agree that it is a solid program. Many previous students and some current students that I spoke with really enjoy it and say that it gives off a family type feeling. It really just comes down to if you want to be in a PA program for almost 4 years or hopefully get moved up into the 2019 class. -Phil
  12. I don't think that was a requirement and I also think they changed the class pre req requirement too. I mean I have those classes but I never remember Biochem being a prereq and now they made Orgo 2 an option incase you don't have that. Again, I think these new updates are for students applying in the next cycle, not for people who applied years ago.
  13. I also interviewed on that day (21st) and have yet to hear anything. Hopefully good news to follow shortly.
  14. My guess is that whatever the requirements were at the time we applied would be what applies to us. That is probably the requirements for the next cycle.
  15. I just wanted to let everyone know that I interviewed on 12/21/15 and I have not heard back yet, I am guessing I won't for a few weeks with the holidays and all. I did want to say that the program seems like it is really well put together and the new building for PA students is beautiful. After speaking with current students it seems like they really enjoy it and having the summers off really helps. I really hope to hear good news back from this school. Good luck to everyone getting an interview invite!
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