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  1. Hey everyone, I just got the call this morning taking me off the waitlist and into the program!! I'm not 100% sure if I'm going to accept it yet since I've already accepted a seat somewhere else as well.
  2. Quick question for those who've interviewed - are the questions read to us or written down?
  3. From my understanding, I don't think there will be any further "results". Just possible contact if someone drops and you're selected off the waitlist.
  4. I am! Monday afternoon though, but I'll be in town starting Sunday morning
  5. Received an interview as well! Registered for Monday the 17th in the afternoon ^_^
  6. Has anyone on the alternate list been able to find out their position? I emailed and asked but just received a generic "you'll receive a letter in the mail" response. Edit: nvm! they are not disclosing our specific positions
  7. Hi everyone, I submitted my app 2 days ago for verification. I was wondering if submitting more apps during this time would slow down the process? I e-mailed caspa asking this question already but just seeing if anyone has had experience with this. Thank you
  8. During my interview on 4/21, they said there were 3 more dates left w/ 10ish interviewees per date so ~30. I asked a staff member during my interview day but they did not want to disclose that number
  9. For those of you who were accepted, do they also send an e-mail? I'll be out of the country immediately following my interview for a few weeks and just wanna make sure. I emailed asking already but no response.
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