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  1. Congrats to every one who received a call and good luck on the interviews. Keep the faith for those who are still waiting. For those who did receive phone calls, how early did you guys send in yall applications?
  2. Good luck everyone! I pray we all get in with all the long suffering we have endured to get our applications in top shape!
  3. Do you have an idea why the appliciation deadline was so early compared to last year? When you applied last year, how long did you wait for a call about an interview? Sorry about bombarding you with all these questions ????
  4. I received an email a week after the deadline stating my application is complete. So does that mean I pass the round for a review and have to wait for a phone call for an interview or that my application was complete in general without missing any necessary documents.
  5. This is my first time posting and I'm so excited about the possibilities that awaits me!
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