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  1. Hello! I know I'm probably on the late side - but I am completing the MEDEX supplemental right now and I'm having a tough time figuring how to interpret the directions for the Personal Statement. Are they looking for one personal statement that integrates the four questions? Or four separate narratives for each question? Thanks for your help!
  2. Does anyone know how many people they are putting on their wait list?
  3. Thanks for everyone's feedback, it's really helpful. Does anyone have any experience with online biochem courses? Not every school requires it, but it's one class that I haven't taken and unfortunately I haven't found a night class at any of the local colleges.
  4. Thanks for your advice dndandrea! Nursing assistant is definitely something I will consider as well as picking up a class or two
  5. Thanks Lemon Bars - nurse's or PT aide are great ideas that I hadn't considered!
  6. Thanks for responding fakingpatience, I applied to 10 schools. I don't believe there are opportunities for an aide job there but a group home setting is a great idea. I don't believe any schools that I applied to required a PA reference, but definitely worth looking for when I get shadowing experience.
  7. I applied the 2014-2015 application cycle and was interviewed by 2 schools, wait listed by 1 (and still unsure about the second). I am wondering if you had any advice to boost my application for the next cycle. My application stats are: GRE 159V; 152Q Science GPA: 3.19 Nonscience GPA: 3.47 Overall GPA: 3.36 *I have a strong trend upwards in GPA HCE: 4,000+ hours working 3+ years in Internal Medicine clinical research 300hrs volunteering at a week long summer camp for 5yrs for children who are ventilator dependent No PA shadowing experience Strong references from two M.D.'s and one D.Ed. ----- I plan to get PA shadowing experience in the next year. Is clinical research enough HCE? I know EMT/MA/PTA etc are ranked highly but is there anything that doesn't require an additional degree/certification that would make me competitive for the next year? Thanks!
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