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  1. I asked what the average number of students taken from the waitlist is since it can fluctuate from 5-20 accepted from the WL (usually). I was told that on average they accept about 10-15 from the WL. If that helps anyone understand where they stand a little better
  2. Also, I just requested to be in the FB group if someone can add me:)
  3. I interviewed 2/14 and was accepted last week! Loma Linda was one of my top choices so I will be accepting my seat. Excited to meet everyone!
  4. Waitlisted. If anyone from the waitlist hears anything can you please let the rest of us know? I'll be sure to do the same should I hear anything. I know it's not ranked (right?) but it's still good to know what's happening with the program. This program is the closest to my family and would help me with child care. Thanks!!
  5. UOP also tries to implement a modular system of learning (as much as possible) from what I remember them saying at my interview. I know this was something I really liked about MBKU and noticed many other schools don't really do. If anyone else has conflicting info please let me know as I was also accepted to UOP this round.
  6. interviewed 1/28. nothing yet but I believe they said most of us would hear by March 1 so we just have to be patient. It's not too far away now! Last interview session is this weekend I believe.
  7. Offered a seat for this coming year! I interviewed on 1/31:) They said that my date was an early interview and the number of students per interview date (I think) is small at least it was when I went. We only had 11 people the day I interviewed. I haven't submitted my final decision but I believe I will be accepting a seat to this program! Excited about this program!! Good luck to those still interviewing!
  8. I was offered an interview 1/5 and will be interviewing 1/20!
  9. I received a phone call last week for an interview 1/28 as well!
  10. Hello, I have applied for this round. I submitted August 25th and have not received a confirmation email or anything at all actually. Reading the thread I see that interviews are not offered until later, but are there others who have not received confirmation their application was received?
  11. Also placed on the alternate list! If you are on the alternate list and get accepted can you let the rest of us know? I feel like that would be helpful:) Good luck everyone!
  12. Before I was offered an interview I called the office to ask Kena if they send out denial letters on a "rolling" basis or if they wait to send everyone's in March. I believe at that time she said that if they haven't sent a letter yet it is because they are still considering you. I am not sure if this includes individuals that are invited for an interview or not though.
  13. I interviewed last Tuesday (1/27) and haven't heard anything. Not sure who from that interview date actually looks at this but please post when you hear something? I have not heard anything, and I know it has only been a few days, but I am eager to learn the outcome of our interview session.
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