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  1. Have you gotten any information about how you can set this up? I am really interested in this as well
  2. Hey RFoster- Do you know if those rotations in Costa Rica are accepted by all programs/recognized by PAEA? I am really interested in improving my Spanish language skills while in school, because many of the people in my area are Spanish speakers (and likely will be my future patients). I don't think that the school I am attending has much experience with international rotations, though...
  3. I am wondering kind of the same thing... I am also curious if anyone did the National Health Service Corps Scholarship or Loan Repayment Programs...
  4. Hope everyone had a good interview day! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Chevys at 6:30? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Hi everyone, I currently have a full time job (as I am sure many pre-PA students do). I am wondering how far in advance of PA school starting I should tell my job that I am leaving and when I should leave. Does anyone know what they are doing with this situation? Do you intend to work right up until school begins or quit with a few weeks to go? For any PAs or PA students- what would you recommend? Would a week, two weeks, a month be enough time to prepare for school? I know I will be moving before school starts, but it is within 3 hours of my current home. Any thoughts?
  7. Oh thanks! I was worried about leaving and coming back during the day if they gave us time for lunch... Seems like we will have plenty of time! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Letter was in the mail today... anyone else get it? Any thoughts on what "you're on your own for lunch" means- bring a lunch? go to lunch after? Are any current students able to comment on this? Is this just a hint to eat a big breakfast?
  9. Can you tell us what your favorite thing about Drexel's program has been so far? Or why you chose to attend Drexel?
  10. I haven't gotten anything in the mail yet either- I am not too worried about it. I kind of expect them to send that information via email as well. I haven't found this process to be all that "disorganized" though- I haven't heard that the program is disorganized either. I think maybe we're all just a little nervous??
  11. Alright, I stand corrected. Give them a call! Hope it's good news! :)
  12. I have heard nothing also (from 9/28). I wouldn't worry too much. They seem to be still contacting people from that interview. I would wait until around thanksgiving before contacting the school.
  13. Hi Heather, I don't attend the program, but it is my understanding that the courses that are through AACC (the PA Certificate ones) are held at Arundel Mills, while the MS Health Science courses through UMB are held online. I do think there are a few courses through AACC that also count toward the masters, but I think the vast majority of the Masters coursework is online. Does that sound right, students that currently attend? I am interested in how the online classes are. Current students- Do you enjoy the online course format? What do you like/not like?
  14. Audidane, did you call either program and ask what specifically in your application they found weak? Maybe it was not your GPA or GRE, like you suspect. If you called, they might be able to tell you what you could do to improve your application for next cycle. That way, they know that you are very interested AND can see your dedication when you follow through... Good Luck! I hope you get an interview/acceptance at another program, if not AACC/UMB or CCBC Essex/Towson!
  15. Same. I'm going to call to check about next steps Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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