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  1. Same! They told me the same thing (give 2-3 weeks to receive feedback) but its been about 6 weeks for me. I haven't heard anything and I am apprehensive to email them again because I know they're swamped with emails. I guess i'll just be patient!
  2. Congrats!!! When is your interview if you don't mind me asking? Also what are your stats? Goodluck!
  3. Mine says the same thing so I emailed them and apparently they have received all 3 of my LORs. Maybe the portal doesn't update to show that all 3 LOR's have been received on their end but I think as long as you have 3 in your CASPA, you can assume they have received them. You can email them just to double check! thanks.
  4. Hey! Does anyone know if I can go ahead & submit my application even though I’m waiting on one of my letters of recommendations? Do I have to wait to submit my application until all three LORs are received? Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the responses everyone! I actually did get a confirmation email. It was in my spam folder Good luck everyone!
  6. Did anyone receive a confirmation that their application was complete after submitting their supplemental application?
  7. Received an email update today stating that my application has been received, completed, and is in the process of being reviewed. Good luck everyone!
  8. I submitted my application on May 24th. I have not received an update yet!
  9. Received a rejection email today. Bummer Good luck everyone!
  10. Has anyone had any luck yet? Just tried to find the link and i'm still having issues.
  11. I don’t think it’s too late. On their website it says they have a preferred application deadline of August 1st so there’s still time. I think this means your chances of being interviewed for early decision are higher. If you submit after this date I don’t think they will straight out deny you but try to get your app in my August 1st to increase your chances of being interviewed early. I hope that helped!
  12. Nothing yet! If I read & understood the supp app fee email correctly, decision updates will be mailed to your home address. Apparently interview will begin in October.
  13. Hey all! Im an applicant from GA. Does anyone know if they preference NC residents? It mentions that they want diversity but I saw there past class stats and it says that around 85% of their students are NC residents.
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