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  1. Go for quality of life and which location will best allow you to be successful in PA school. It's a tough road and doing it with someone by your side may make all the difference. Rankings do matter *some*, especially if you are applying to residency/fellowship. But this would be top 20 compared to a 150+ school. Top 50 should not make a difference, imo. I'm at top 20 and we have a good mix of faculty/non-faculty teaching. Faculty usually is not very clinically active, so to have non-faculty practicing MD's, PA's, PhD's I found to be a good thing. As a trained foot/ankle surgeon, I would not worry about prosected vs non at all. Honestly, doing a dissection for anatomy is nothing like doing surgery, so don't worry about it. I actually prefer prosected - more time to really study the anatomy instead of carving through layers of fat to see what you are looking for. PANCE pass rate - wouldn't get too hung up on that - it is up to the student to pass and put the study time in and all ARC programs are delivering the same content. SIM lab, yes, it's a very nice add-on, but in no way necessary. The paid actors helped me learn the most, tbh. The most important factors, imho, is access to faculty, the 'vibe' you get at the school, where you feel you will have the most success, and financial. Congrats - whatever decision you make will be the right one!!
  2. Hey all! The UF PA Surgery Club is co-hosting a webinar this Wednesday, Sept 11th at 6pm, for anyone interested in the UF PA General Surgery Residency program!! We have an amazing surgery program here with 4 residency spots each year. We will have 2 graduating surgery residents, as well as 3 new residents, plus the Director, Dr. Arnaoutakis, on a live panel for information and questions! Information is on the attached flyer, but email Ms. Karen Kays at: karen.kays@pap.ufl.edu to register and for dial-in information! We hope you can join us!
  3. Dear PA Admissions Director, Thank you for the information, it is absolutely helpful. I can appreciate an admission committee's concerns about my intent, so just to clarify, PA would never be a backup. I actually have had a business model in mind for the past 2 yrs to be a DPM/PA in a group Family Medicine practice. I would join their group, be an onsite podiatrist, as well as treat patients as a family practitioner. It would be instant referral source as a specialist, but most importantly, it's a way to do what I see myself being very happy doing. I could have my own patients, as well as help the practice with their overflow, call duty, etc. And, if they happen to have a patient in room 6 who needs a nail avulsion, there I am! Not only that, but my patient with the diabetic foot ulcer that I'm treating, I can now treat their diabetes as well! There are many advantages to going this route, but I'm not sure it makes financial sense getting there. Realistically, I may not want to do the DPM residency at all, for several reasons, and go strictly PA. Just trying to work through all of the options and determine what makes the most sense. Time and money are going to speak loudly to me since I'm a non-trad. For me, it's attractive to get the PA first so that I can possibly moonlight through DPM residency, if that's the route I choose to go. Plus, after doing a 3yr residency, it might be very difficult to go to PA school when I'm getting offered a handsome salary and ready to start working! Sorry for the ramble, I'm just passionate about the DPM/PA combo and wish I had approached my school in my first year to try and do a combined degree, because I think it has so many applications. Thank you again, you have definitely given me some things to consider. Warmest regards, Pilot2DPM
  4. Dear PA Admissions Director, Firstly, thank you for this service you provide. I am almost a 4th year podiatric medical student, and will graduate as a DPM (Doctor of Podiatric Medicine) in April 2016. I have fallen in love with Family/Internal Med and am trying to figure out the best way to accomplish my goals. I will be continuing my education and I am considering PA school over DO at this point. I want to treat with a full scope of practice and simply cannot do that with the DPM alone. B.A Biology 1995 with 3.2ish, while on athletic scholarship. Podiatry school GPA >3.0. Our curriculum is basically identical to MD/DO for the first 2 yrs, very similar 3rd yr for clinical rotations, and we are all podiatry audition rotations our 4th yr. HCE exclusively as a med student. Direct patient contact in the hospital and clinic setting, performing complete H&P’s, treating the patient, prescribing meds, giving injections, debriding wounds, etc, and subsequently writing SOAP notes. Supervised by physicians or residents, depending on the rotation. I also have significant volunteer experience, as a student doctor, serving the homeless by treating their feet. Would this HCE be considered acceptable? My main question is that with someone like me, who has taken the MCAT, succeeded in a very demanding medical program, has old pre-req’s for some schools’ requirements (we don't take O-chem in med school), yet completed over 20 credits a semester consisting of all doctoral level hardcore sciences, passed Boards Part I, and will take one more written Board exam and one Clinical Skills board exam before graduating, am I truly competitive in a GPA/GRE-driven application process? For instance, will the GRE still be an absolute requirement? I would like to think that actually becoming a physician would indicate I do indeed have what it takes to be successful in PA school and in passing boards, but I feel like some programs may need to check off the boxes anyways? I realize you can only speak with regards to your program, so I am curious as to how my situation would be handled in your admissions department? As for LOR’s, I would have excellent ones from the Dean of my school, the Academic Dean, the Clinical Dean, a PA who taught us and I shadowed, and a practicing MD/DO or DPM who is familiar with my clinical ability and work ethic. I realize my GPA is not exactly competitive compared to many applicants, but it has not hindered my ability to perform well in medical school, even after a huge hiatus from undergrad. I would be striving for a very competitive PA program, as I not only realize the value of a strong academic and clinical program, but also want the most demanding program that will challenge me on every level. After graduating from PA, I would then make the decision whether to complete a PA or DPM residency. My goal is to apply this April. Retaking classes is simply not an option at this juncture. I will either matriculate into PA school or begin my 3- year podiatric surgical residency in 2016. I value your thoughts and/or concerns. Thank you in advance for any assistance; it is most appreciated! ​And yes, this girl can fly a jet :)
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